Do People Still use Lucky Charms when Playing Online Bingo?

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Who among us isn't familiar with the cliché of bingo lucky charms? When I think of good luck charms I immediately picture a woman with a bingo dabber surrounded by fuzzy-haired trolls, four leaf clovers, or rabbit's feet. For whatever reason, the good luck charm became a staple of the bingo hall but the question remains as to whether online bingo players also rely on their charms to bring them good fortune. While online bingo and the traditional bingo hall games are markedly different, the games themselves are relatively the same. It therefore stands to reason that those who faithfully carry their lucky charms to the bingo hall would also feel they need their magic for online bingo. To get to the bottom of this interesting mystery we should speak directly to the players themselves. In speaking to a few bingo lovers I hope to understand why we use lucky charms!

She Always Brings Bubbles to Bingo

Gail is a grandmother who has been playing bingo for over 30 years. She started to visit the local bingo hall as a social experience. Raising 3 children and caring for her husband left her little time to herself which is why the bingo hall was so enticing. At first, Gail admits she never used lucky charms. In fact, her forays into bingo were purely for the opportunity to meet and chat with her friends while having a bit of fun. Everything changed however after the birth of her first granddaughter. As the story goes, Emily was quite fond of a small bear named Bubbles. One evening, after babysitting Emily when she was barely 7 years old, Gail had planned to meet up with some friends for bingo. Of course, Emily had played bingo in school for prizes and told her grandma how Bubbles had always been good luck. Emily then gave Gail the bear in hopes that it would also bring luck to her grandma. As it turns out, Gail won the progressive jackpot that night and a tradition was born. Now Gail says she never plays bingo without Bubbles. Recently, Gail has found it more difficult to make it to weekly bingo sessions but keeps up her love for the game by playing bingo online. When asked if Bubbles is nearby for online bingo sessions Gail replies, "Of course!! I always bring Bubbles to bingo. He sits right next to the monitor while I play!"

He Never Leaves Home without his Lucky Quarter

According to Jackson, he was 17 years old when he found his lucky quarter. Walking home from school he came across a bicentennial quarter perched near a fire hydrant. As soon as he understood the significance of the quarter, it became his lucky quarter and he's held onto it over the past decade. Apparently Jackson takes that lucky quarter with him everywhere and recently when he discovered online bingo he found the perfect place for the quarter. "I basically play bingo online everyday and when I play, my quarter sits right on top of my mouse. That way, I've got the luck of the quarter in my hand while I play. I don't know if it helps me win but it makes me think I've always got a good chance!" It seems Jackson is convinced that online bingo and lucky charms go hand-in-hand.

The Good Old Four Leafed Clover

Lynda says, "I've never really been very superstitious but I guess a four leaf clover isn't going to hurt." At a recent picnic Lynda was playing with her nieces when she came across a four leafed clover. Traditionally the four leafed clover brings good luck to anybody who finds it, especially if they found it accidentally. Lynda doesn't seem convinced that the clover brings her any luck but she's not taking any chances either. "I keep the clover in a book and I use that as a mouse pad when I play bingo online. I'm kind of ashamed to admit it because I'd always thought I was bigger than all that hocus-pocus but I guess not." Even the skeptics want a bit of bingo luck.

It certainly seems like lucky charms are as common for online bingo as for bingo halls. While this sample of players might not be the largest there are some conclusions that can be drawn. Whenever any of us feels some object holds the power of luck we're likely to call on it whenever we feel we need that luck. Even the least superstitious online bingo players can become convinced that an inanimate object will improve their fortune. Regardless of whether you actually believe that your lucky charm will improve your odds or not there doesn't seem to be any shame in carrying a charm.

Bobby McNeil is an online bingo enthusiast. As a freelance writer Bobby spends his time writing about online gaming including bingo games at Bingo Vega, keno and other casino games.

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