Do Not Sweat The Small Stuff

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Petty issues in life are like speed breakers - too many of them, and something is bound to break! Life is really quite short, and if you keep spending your precious time on things that do not matter, you are bound to lose out on some of the other wonderful blessings that could have been yours. Look closely at the lives of some of the most important men in history; you will find that they all had the common habit of keeping their focus on things that really mattered.

How to Stay Motivated with a Positive Mental Attitude
The human mind can be likened to a river. In order that there be enough momentum in it, it is essential that all the focus stays in one place. To dwell on small issues is to fritter away this energy into too many smaller channels, resulting in no worthwhile work being achieved. Here are a few practical tips on how to avoid the small issues and stay focused:

Understand change: Change is usually considered quite challenging to handle; however, it is also true that things change from bad to good almost on their own. Know that not everything in life is under your direct control, and that things can get right with time.

Accept limitations: While it is important to believe in yourself, you should accept that fact that certain things are out of your control. This particular understanding should be independent of what others are saying about you.

Try to give: It helps to have the fundamental attitude of giving and helping others. This needs to be practiced at home, at work, and all other places. With time, this principle will bring much peace and happiness in your life.

See the funny side: Develop the habit of looking at everything through a humorous lens. This will help you when the going gets tough.

A positive mental attitude will see you through many difficult times in your life. Therefore, it will prove worthwhile to cultivate positive mental attitude as a habit. This is best done under the guidance of a good coach who has vast practical experience.

As a humorous and certified motivational speaker, Doug Dvorak has been helping individuals and organizations develop a positive frame of mind and achieve more. He can be reached at

Doug Dvorak is motivational speaker with professional comedic experience. His humorous approach will empower and motivate any company or organization to excel.

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