Do Not Neglect Skin Care After Snow

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Although it is the end of winter, many places starts to snow again. People have to go out to work and they may suffer from the skin problems caused by snow. Here, I will introduce several ways for people to protect skins in snow days.

Pay attention to sun block. It is not only compulsory in the bright sunny summer, but also a necessary program in winter, especially after snow. It seems that the sky is grey in snowing days and ultraviolet light is not strong, but its power is strengthened by the reflection of snowfield, which can cause damage to skins. Therefore, it is very necessary to take measures to protect skins from sunshine.

Wash face with cold water. It is suggested to wash with cold water before leaving in snowy days. If you do not adapt, you can also wash your face with warm water at first, and then wash away with cold water so that skins could adapt to the snowy environmental atmosphere. In particular, do not use any cleansing products, and let the skin original protective layer natural oils protect skin.

Moisturize your red nose. In snow days, the cold air is particularly bad, and every breath will make people feel a little pain in the nose, and it turned into ugly red nose. The solution is to reduce the number of nasal skin care and use fresh cream if you feel too much oil. Nose is in the central part of nose and any make-up method has no effect on it. So, people have to take care of that part more carefully.

The cold weather makes the enormous temperature difference indoor and outdoor. The human body has a strong self-regulatory function, and the skin will make adjustments as it feels the temperature change. Capillaries under the skin will slowly expand, and blood flow is increased to maintain the surface temperature of the skin to prevent frostbite. Therefore, when people enter into a warm room from the outdoors, the skin instantly feels the temperature change, and the blush will naturally be displayed.

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