Do Not Compromise On Art Materials

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Whether you are a famous painter or an aspiring artist, you must never compromise on the quality of art materials.

Quality materials are essential regardless of your artistic ability as it does not matter if you create paintings for a living or you are just a hobbyist because how good your supplies are will directly impact on the art you make.

Shopping for art materials on the internet can be confusing as it is often difficult to ascertain how good the supplies actually are because there is sometimes a big difference in price between similar products.

It can be common to discover one tube of paint that costs five pounds while the same amount of a competing brand may be priced at double that, so what is it that makes it cost so much more and how will this affect your art?

One example why a paint product may be more expensive than a rival brand is that it might contain high quality ingredients that will result in the artist producing a better standard of painting.

Oil paint that contains just poor quality oil will be much cheaper compared to a product which has superior oil, more pigment and better preservers as the expensive paint will produce a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Acrylic and pastel paints follow the same rule of thumb as oil paints so, as with most things in life, the more you can afford to spend then the better the art you will be able to create.

In terms of paint brushes, you will find that synthetic brushes are nearly always cheaper than brushes made from real animal hair although you may prefer to use the former if you object to operating with animal art materials.

Cheap art materials can be hard to find and if you do discover a discount, you must be wary as there are some products you should never buy such as plastic brushes which can seriously hinder how you paint.

It can be unrealistic for an amateur artist to spend too much on materials as it is hard to justify spending on luxuries during the current economic climate so beginners should always start small.

As an artist develops their abilities, then they will realise when they should upgrade certain materials such as canvases, brushes and paints so that they can demonstrate how their skills have progressed.

Remember to take good care of your supplies and materials as this will reduce the number of times you will need to repurchase certain products.


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