Do Actors Really Need a Talent Agency?

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If you are thinking of becoming an actor, it wonít be long until someone will mention the need of joining a talent agency. It is a known fact that the best way of obtaining auditions is through an agency, but do actors really need talent agencies before they become famous?

Auditions take place all over the world every day and actors are welcomed to perform most of the times. If you want to get a part in a play, commercial or movie, you just have to go on stage and see if the casting director likes you. This is hard enough, but how can you actually find these auditions?

Without the help of a talent agency, people are left with searching on the internet, newspapers and other ads. This wouldnít be a problem if studios would post ads regularly, but most casting directors are working with talent agencies, which means that the only way to get to one of their auditions is through an agent. For every audition you see in the newspaper there are 10 other auditions happening through agencies. The only way to get a piece of the pie is to sign a contract with a reliable agent.

Those who manage to get parts on their own might be under the impression that a talent agency isnít really necessary, but this is not true. Even if you can secure some auditions on your own, negotiating with studios and making sure that you receive every cent you work for is a whole other business. When it comes to these legal matters, a talent agency knows exactly what to do since they already have a team of lawyers and plenty of experience.

In the end, there is no downside of working with a talent agency. Instead of wasting time searching for auditions you can concentrate your effort on more important things and let the agency find the right roles for you. You will only have to pay them once you they find you a role, so itís a win-win situation.

A struggling actor can become successful without the help of an agency, but there is no point in doing that. Hiring an agent is not expensive and the benefits will always outweigh the disadvantages. An agency can help you reduce the time between two auditions and the right agent will find you a movie role much faster than you can.

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