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While it’s true that DJ’s are sometimes difficult to choose, getting the right one is a difficult minefield, where anyone with a turntable and some music can claim to be a DJ. The best are often in high demand, so if you’re not ‘in the know’ you might not be able to get the best DJ for your needs. With a little bit of help, finding a DJ in London can be a piece of cake.

Why DJs are an important element of any event

Whatever the event you are planning, a DJ will add the finishing touch to the event, giving you a chance to provide top class entertainment for your attendees without any effort. All you need do is hire a DJ.

One of the issues that people have with choosing a DJ is evaluating reviews. Highly positive reviews could be ‘planted’ as could highly negative ones, so it’s difficult to know who to believe – one of the best suggestions on handling this is to look at the reviews and either see if you have a friend or colleague that’s listed on the site and ask them. Another option is to use a trusted site that lists and rates DJs based on monitored feedback – it’s more likely that these reviews are accurate, as the site probably has quality control. You could also use a DJ recommended by a peer reviewed site, such as a wedding site – again, there are controls in place to ensure that these reviews are real.

What a DJ will do

A DJ can be many things, but the most important thing is an entertainer. They provide music, either to suit the mood, or to give a backdrop to an event. DJs in London can perform at any event you can think of, from a corporate party, to a wedding, anniversary, or even a celebration for retirement, birthday or graduation. The versatility DJs can display can also be checked by asking if they take requests, have a set list or are interested in playing music brought in by other guests – depending on the group they are playing to, they may or may not do anything other than ‘their usual set’ or work to what you need.
They pump up the crowd and give your event an atmosphere. What they can’t do is change how good they are – though sets may vary from day to day, if they’re not playing the music that you want, chances are you won’t enjoy it. And that’s one of the questions that you have to ask your DJ – whether they’ll play the music that you want, or if they don’t, whether they’ll consider it. Most of all, you have to be satisfied that they’ll play the stuff that you and your guests will enjoy, as a good DJ will make a party go from fun to absolutely amazing. objective is to provide 1st class DJs performances, exceptional Discos and total reliability at true value for money for Events with DJ in London , Kent, Surrey and Essex. Trusted by many celebrities, Platinum are a well known and respected for DJ’s in London and Disco Hire with over 100 DJ Testimonials from delighted Newlyweds.

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