DIY Origami Decorations You Can Use for the Party

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Origami decorations look beautiful and very stylish. It takes some colored paper and folding skills to make incredible flowers, stars and other types of origami items that can be used during a party.

You will need time to experiment with origami ideas and to discover the patterns that are best for your type of party. Start early enough in order to have time for experimentation and pattern exploration.

A number of origami websites will provide you with instructions and ideas. Yet, you need something simple and beautiful enough. Some basic origami figures will turn into tremendous party decorations. Here are several shapes you can choose among.

Origami Stars
One of the easiest origami shapes to make is the star. A multitude of origami stars can be used to decorate the tables or to even make wall and curtain decorations.

To start, you will need a six-inch square piece of origami paper. Any color will be appropriate. You can have stars of many colors or you can stick to a single shade that corresponds to other party decorations.

Place on a table with the colored side facing the table. A side of the square needs to be turned towards you. Fold in half. The rectangle you get should be folded in half once again. You can now open and use the creases as your guides.

Fold the top right corner so that it faces the center. You will get a triangle. Repeat the same with the bottom left corner. Now fold the bottom right corner in the same way and get it unfolded once you are done.

Fold the paper at the horizontal center line. Once done, flip the paper over. Fold the top left corner towards the center. Unfold and flip. Take four other pieces of origami paper and do the same.

You are now ready to put the star together. You need to basically get the five triangles together by joining the backsides of the triangles you have already made.

Origami Flowers
Various types of flowers can be made of paper. The art of origami can be used to make lilies, daisies, lotuses or roses. Lilies look beautiful and very feminine. Such decorations will look great for all female-gatherings.

For an origami lily, you will need square pieces of origami paper pink will do perfect but you can choose any other color that you prefer. Fold in half and once you get a rectangle fold it in half once again. Form the creases and open.

Turn so that the colored side faces the table. Fold along the diagonals and open again. Hold the paper and turn the center points towards the bottom central line. You will now have a triangular piece.

Fold the top of the triangle towards the center. Unfold. Do the same with the other sides. The shape you will now be getting is a diamond. Fold it in half and get it opened. Lift the bottom part of the paper on the upper layer. Repeat until you do that to all sides of the paper.

The triangles should now be folded downwards. Turn the semi-ready flower upside down. Fold the outside flaps towards the center. The petals are now formed. You are getting a lily flower.

If you find the instructions difficult to follow, you can purchase origami kits. These contain all of the materials and the detailed instructions that you will need to make origami decorations. Enrolling into an origami class several weeks before the party takes place is another wonderful idea.

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