Divorced And Penniless - Why It Can Happen To You

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Divorced And Penniless - Why It Can Happen To You

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What you do not know can actually harm you badly. The truth is that even as you continue to regularly read about those hefty divorce settlements celebrities are getting all the time, some divorce lawyers are fighting back - and succeeding. The result is that you could end up not only nursing the emotional wounds of a divorce but also having to cope with a situation where you are virtually penniless.

It is happening all the time these days and you can be sure that the double burden of juggling the financials and your bruised emotions is definitely something you do not want to go through. There is really only one thing you can do, and that is prepare for divorce now rather than later. Just like a nation fully prepares and arms itself to the teeth for war in peacetime, every woman should prepare and arm themselves fully for divorce while still in a happy marriage.

Most nations who prepare well for war often find that they do not have to fight and in the same way a smart woman who prepares for any eventuality of divorce will often find that because of her preparations, divorce can be avoided.

Many good-natured wives currently happily married do not even want to think of the prospect of a divorce. These women are sitting ducks for a situation where they could suddenly find themselves out in the cold, penniless and divorced. That equally good-natured loving husband of many years is no different from other loving husbands who have suddenly and casually made the totally unexpected remark one evening after supper, "I want a divorce." Can you imagine starting to make your plans at that time? When the shock alone can take you several days to recover from? You will hardly be in a position to think clearly enough to hire the right attorney to fight for a decent settlement. This is exactly the sort of scenario that can land you into big financial trouble.

All through the history of mankind, women have been known for their ability to prepare for events. The wise modern woman will also prepare and protect herself for any situation that will arise in the event of her marriage taking an unexpected turn.


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