Divorce Rules in India

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A man, a divorcee, is technically an eligible bachelor. But not in this society, not in India, he is a bachelor and a very eligible person. Looks like two different designations, and two identities. The label 'divorcee' is stuck on him with superglue. It can not be peeled off, easily.
Arranged marriages fail some times. The arranged marriages do not break up that easily. There are several reasons why such marriages do not fail so much. A lot of precautions are taken; such as community match, social match, financial stability match and horoscopes match etc. Close friends and relatives come forward to bring about a compromise, if the reasons for break up offer solutions.
At the same time, while moving at a slower pace, the divorce rate in countries such as India, Japan and Latin America has also been on the rise. This trend reflects a combination of factors, including globalization, the rise of women's rights, and an overall awareness of life's possibilities in the face of adversity.
Christian attitudes toward divorce vary between denominations. Traditionally most groups have been opposed to divorce, but there is a wide spectrum of belief. The Catholic Church considers divorce a permanent, life-long union: only after one of the spouses dies may the other remarry. On the other hand, the Eastern Orthodox Church and many Protestant churches are much more permissive, allowing divorce and remarriage during the spouses' lifetimes.
The role of men and women within a marriage has evolved over the years. In the past the man was generally considered the breadwinner who went out to work while his wife stayed at home and looked after the children. This has changed a lot over time and there are no longer specific roles in this way. When someone entered a marriage they used to almost fall into these roles.
No European countries have anywhere near the same low divorce rates. The lowest divorce rates in Europe are Macedonia and Bosnia with five per cent, nearly five times more than India. Much of the rest of Europe have much higher rates than this. There is a similar trend in North America. Sweden and the United States have the highest divorce rates, both with nearly fifty-five per cent of marriages ending this way.
There are differing attitudes between the Roman Catholic Church and Protestants. Catholics are completely against divorce, and according to them it can only be dissolved by the death of one of the people involved in the marriage. The Catholic Church does allow annulments if a couple, or one half of a couple, can prove the marriage never existed in the correct form.
The words 'marriage is for keeps' are true even today and you should try all that you can to salvage a bad marriage. And this is where soul searching comes in. You need to reminisce about the past and see where, when and how did your marriage started to crumble. Unless you do that you can not salvage your marriage.
Your word says that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven. Therefore we bind up the lies of the enemy that are coming against the minds and spirits of the men and women of Your church, Lord.

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