Divorce and Its Consequences

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Why do some marriages end up in divorce? Are you looking for ways to save your marriage? In the US and in other developed nations, marriages have almost become a come and go affair in a society where couples can just get rid of each other through divorce. The line ítill death do us partí has only become a traditional part of the supposedly solemn marriage vows.

There are certain segments of society where you can see the higher rates in divorce cases. They are:

1. TV and movie industry
2. Entertainment sector
3. Professional athletes
4. Police profession

The police profession has the highest divorce rate in the US. Itís easy to get attracted to a uniformed officer with the gun and authority; but the negative consequences of the job it makes a police officer very susceptible to a broken relationship.

The US has the highest divorce rate in the world, with Puerto Rico, Russia, United Kingdom, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and Canada following in order.

What do people need to know to realize the importance of marriage vows? Why are they breaking up instead of solving their problems on how to get love back? They donít value the importance of marriage thatís why they live together and have children without the benefit of marriage.

This is evident and very common among women with a number of offspring by different fathers. It happens when their relationship going roughÖthey can simply split up, never have to put an effort on how to win an ex back and find someone else new to live with again so the cycle is repeated.

Lack of Strong Family Ties: It is one of the primary causes of divorce. The family is the core unit of society where you should develop strong commitment. Therefore, if there is no commitment there are no strong ties to prepare you for hard times like separation. There will be no driving force to motivate you to find the ways to save your marriage.

People without religious belief on the sanctity of marriage contribute to the high rates of those who take marriage vows for granted. They simply think that taking the vows before God and man is just a part of the wedding ceremony and has no significant meaning.

Divorce rate is higher among couples without children than those with children. When parents of these children cannot cope with their problem and canít work to get love back, the children are the loser at the far end. What then can you expect from children of a broken home? The following are some of the situations that a child may experience;

1. A child may fear that everything will change after divorce.
2. One of the parents will not be around anymore or both will be lost.
3. A child may show negative reactions about new surrounding, friends, neighbors, etc.
4. A child may blame himself/herself for the breakup.
5. There can be signs of depression.

These are all possible scenarios if a child in the formative years is raised by a single parent when both must be around. In order to minimize divorce among couples, there should be strong family ties, religious belief, and respect for the marriage vows they take before God.

Itís easier to drain all efforts and study the strategies on how to win an ex back than to go through the emotional, long and costly process of divorce. Have plenty of time to think of it.

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