Divorce - Three Common Reasons a Spouse Seeks a Divorce

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There are many reasons that make a relationship go bad. Unlike a relationship before marriage where you can just call it quits and pack your bags, marriages are quite complicated. A legal separation or a separation by mutual agreement is less time consuming and is less cumbersome. But there are still times where such separation just does not answer your questions and a divorce is a must. Here are three paramount reasons for you to go in for a divorce. For everything else there are marriage counselors and therapists.

Reason 1 - Abuse
There are times when a spouse in a marriage can be abused both physically and mentally. This isn't a case only with women. There are many cases where the divorce has been granted in favor of the husband when it was proven that the husband was emotionally abused by the wife. If your marriage has gone to the extent of physically or emotionally abusing each other to such a great extent that either of you can stand the sight of each other then divorce is the best answer for your already crumbled marriage.

Reason 2 - Desertion
If one fine day you wake up to find your bed empty and if it still remains empty for the next 3 years, well it's time for you to hire an attorney and file in for a divorce. This case is acceptable only if your spouse has completely ex-communicated himself from you and everyone else, which supposedly is considered as death, but if he is in contact with everyone else that he knows but is not with you, then you can take it to the court of law and have your divorce legally done. Remember that each state and each country has a particular time duration of ex-communication for it to be considered as a desertion, hence check with your divorce attorney and find out the same.

Reason 3 - Adultery
In lay man's terms this is also called as cheating on you! If you think that your partner has been cheating on you and even after n number of confrontations and forgiveness scenes, it still is the same then divorce is the only path for you to take.

Men in general are quite prone to cheat on their wives. When caught red-handed there is always the drama with tears and how he would definitely turn over a new leaf. Sadly, as an Indian saying goes, "you can never straighten a dog's tail!" This is true with dogs and with men. You can be rest assured that he will cheat on you yet again and will try repenting until the very next temptation.

Here are the three reasons that you need to consider if you need a divorce from your spouse. If the issues between you and your spouse are nowhere as trying as these, then it would be best to resolve such issues by consulting a marriage counselor and working on your marriage together. Remember that divorce should only be your last option. By the end of the divorce, it wouldn't be just you who is traumatized, but so will your spouse and your children be.

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