Divorce – A Traumatic End to a Beautiful Relationship

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Divorce is the ending or dissolution of a marriage by a court or any other body authorized to carry out the divorce procedure. Divorce puts an end to the rights and obligations of the spouses towards each other. However, some common duties such as child custody, the right of share in the property and the payment of alimony, are to be performed by the spouses.

Divorce rates are higher in Western countries than in Eastern countries and backward countries. In Western countries where individual interests are more important than his family interests, the individual’s ability to adjust and sacrifice for others reduces to a great extent. This attitude leads to the breaking of marriage because the key to happy marriage is cooperation and respect for each other.

As backward countries are getting exposed to the outside world with globalization, divorce rates in these countries are also rising. Women, especially, are less willing to adjust themselves in their conventional roles. Higher education and top jobs have empowered them to live independently. The divorce rates are the highest in the U.S.

According to the CIA Worldbook, India has one of the lowest divorce rates. That is 11 divorces out of 1000 marriages. India still remains a man dominating society where women are pressurized to sacrifice their development, progress, and self-respect. There are women who fight against these issues and get separated but on the other end, we have a large scale of women who allow themselves flow with the tide of social and custom values. With this class of women existing in the country, India is definitely witnessing higher divorce cases but still lower than other countries.

Some of the common causes of divorce are lack of open communication between spouses, infidelity, physical and sexual abuse, ego hassles and financial issues. Inability to adjust with in-laws, addiction to alcohol and intellectual competence also leads to divorce in many cases.

Earlier it was believed that divorce always has a negative impact on children. But new studies show that the psychological reaction of a child to their parents' divorce depends upon three factors: the bonding of the child with his or her mother and father before the separation, the intensity and duration of the parental discord, and the extent to which the needs of a child were neglected by the parents in their divorce.

The decision to end a relationship is never easy but the distances created between husband and wife can never be easily mended. It takes years together to resolve the conflicts but still the scars remains. The specific feelings and attitude is somewhere associated with the break-up. It’s so traumatic to realize and feel that the marriage as a whole was an unpleasant experience. Just because some things did not work between them, a beautiful relationship comes to an end.

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