Diverse Range of Conference Calling Plans suitable for Malaysian Companies

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Audio conference calls have gained prominence in the Malaysian corporate sector as organisations look to lower expenses and increase productivity levels of their workforce. Companies based in this South East Asian country are primarily involved in manufacturing goods and exporting to overseas clients. These organisations have business associates based in locations around the world, and want to cut down on the costs involved in business travel. Therefore, they turn to conf-call or conference call to interact with multiple associates at expenses that are only a fraction of those spent on travel arrangements.

Telephone conference calling has certainly become the first choice of people looking to call several people simultaneously. Nowadays, service providers offer various basic calling plans to customers, with additional features provided at nominal monthly or one-time charges. The cost of holding a remote meeting varies according to the requirements of the company, as calling plans are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of all types of organisations. Knowing the best plan for on-the-phone collaboration is important for all organisations, as it allows them to conduct meetings over the telecommunication network at the most competitive rates.

Event conferencing Malaysia service providers offer reservation-less calling services to their clients, enabling them to simply dial into the network. All participants involved in the concall dial the same number and enter the security passcode to join the conversation. The party hosting the call does not need to sign a contract or tied to conducting the call for a minimum amount of time. Furthermore, there are no charges for downloading, setting up or activating the calling solution, ensuring that the setup cost of making those calls are kept low.

Service providers may levy charges on 'per participant' basis, wherein the number of callers determines the final bill of the audio conference calls. The charges are quite nominal and companies of all sizes can easily afford these calling solutions. Another calling plan is one in which the users pay by the minute, thereby only paying for the total duration of the call, instead of the total number of callers. Such plans for event conferencing Malaysia are beneficial for companies that hold calls for short durations between numerous associates as well as those whose participants far exceed the length of the call. Of course, companies that engage in telephone conferencing calling quite frequently opt for monthly packages that are cost effective and provide them with best-in-class conferencing features.

Holding remote meetings in Malaysia provide companies the benefit of recording the calls made. Service providers provide this optional service where calls are recorded and delivered to the client for a small fee, regardless of the number of calls made. Another similar package requires the caller to pay for individual recordings, which is better for companies that make fewer calls or require only specific meetings recorded.

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