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Indians are globetrotting, Indians are everywhere. Yes, we know thatís very true. We all Indians love to live abroad, study abroad and again settle abroad; find a job and live abroad; visit our relatives abroad, find prospects for ourselves through them and again settle abroad, and much more ways just come our way when we have the Ďwillí to settle abroad. Sorry ji, Indians are like that only.
But, Indians also believe in maintain their relations back home Ė be it a daughter married in a foreign land, or a son working, or children studying on international permits Ė the caring Indian values cannot ever diminish from our blood. We reminisce, we ponder, we crave to get back home Ė we miss our momís authentic ghar ka khana (home made food), we miss conversing in our native tongue and our dialects. We still love our country, our home, our friends, and our family.
So, we have to find ways to keep in touch with them, and I tell you what, to phone India is not that cheap from every country ji. Now, every country is not the United States of America that we shall have the privilege of calling cards giving us the liberty to call back home at real cheap rates. And like we know, we Indians are everywhere; therefore, we need a better solution.

Think! Think! Make your gray cells work! Any answers? What? Googli maata? Ya Right! Well, we could give you a simple answer, simply make FREE internet calls to India! Now wasnít that simple enough? Thatís even better for all those living in Amreekia (because the calls are Free! Free! Free!). and in case you are looking for better quality and features, you can simply go for, in more specific terms that is, VOIP Ė Voice over Internet Protocol. Making a free voip call to India is a very simple task and needs just a few basic understandings.
VOIP is used interchangeably for Internet Telephony, VoBB (Voice over Broadband), IP Telephony, broadband phone, and broadband telephony. It is used for various communication services such as voice messaging, SMS, fax etc. The only difference is that all the messages are transferred over through the internet. It also has the advantage of portability Ė you donít have to pay extra or buy another connection if you are in another country. That way, you can also keep in touch with your friends whether you are in India or not.

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