Displaying Your Magic Skills on the Web

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Everything does indeed seem to be on the Internet. As a magician, you want to get your skills out in front of as many people as possible, especially once you feel confident with your tricks. Like all artists and performers, you need to reach people, but often the question is how. It is important to remember that people have a keen interest in magic, and thatís because its fun! People love magic and, as a result, people are constantly looking online for magic tricks, such as floating card tricks, for example. In general, you can expect people to be curious about magic and how it works. You can use this curiosity to your advantage on the web!

Consider Producing Video Magic

It quite literally has never been easier to showcase what you can do online that it is today. With a simple and inexpensive video camera, you can record your magic tricks and post them on the web for the world to see. While you certainly can produce professional looking magic trick videos, there is nothing that that your videos have to be slick and polished. Just make sure that the audience can clearly see what you are doing. If there is sound, be certain that it is clear and audible. After that, you can hopefully let your magic do the talking!

Time to Take Your Magic Persona for a Test Drive

When promoting yourself online, it is important to be entertaining and engaging. If you have developed a magic person for your magic tricks, now is most definitely the time to try that persona out. A good aspect to a video-sharing site like YouTube is that you can get feedback from strangers who are seeing your videos. This feedback can prove to be invaluable as you web based audience will be quick to let you know what they like and what they donít like.

Donít Take Feedback Personally

Try not to take any of the comments personally, as some of the advice and criticisms will be worthless and other advice will be dead on. Look for the good advice and try and learn as much as possible from it. If you make informative, quality videos, you will develop a following that you reward you with interesting observation and advice. You might even attract the attention of more experienced magicians as well!

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