Disney's Mr Nice Guy, Handy Manny Wall Decals Will Be Loved By Your Kids

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Recently Disney has a new TV star in the form of the loveable Handy Manny. Both girls and boys from around the world adore this new nice guy. If your children are a fan of the show, then there is no better way to brighten up their bedroom walls, than with Handy Manny Wall Decals. They larger than life wall stickers will have all children begging to go to bed at night.

Handy Manny hasn't been around for a long time like other Disney stars, but he has made a big impact on the kids of today. Nothing is too hard for Manny, as he goes about his daily chores with optimism and a happy nature. The locals of his town think he almost has super powers the way he calmly fixes everything they require, even things that seem beyond repair.

Handy Manny also has a faithful K9 companion, Fix It his dog. Fit It is a odd character made from the spare parts of some of Mannys work. You can always find Fix It at night in Handy Mannys workshop where he chooses to live. Fix it the dog, Handy Manny and his tool box of faithful tools are always on hand to repair the constantly falling apart world. Nothing is too hard for this team

Kids and parents alike like Handy Manny as unlike many TV characters, he is always positive and shows children the right attitude towards life. A Handy Manny Wall Decal is a perfect gift for any young child who adores the show. They can have their hero up on the wall to admire every day.

The Handy Manny wall decals for kids, not only comes with the man himself and the dog, but also includes the whole set of all of Mannys toolbox companions who are adored by the children. Everyone is included in the set like the fearful monkey wrench Rusty, as well as a not so dainty hand saw called Dusty, a ticklish flashlight called Flicker, a bumbling hammer by the name of Pat, an ambitious Philips head screwdriver better known as Felipe, a nearly perfect tape measure called Stretch, the curious pliers known as Squeeze and the ever grump flathead screwdriver called Turner.

When it comes to the latest in home dcor solutions, removable wall decals are the newest and most amazing innovation. When it comes to decorating kids bedrooms, they are perfect as they are so easy to apply, just by peeling and sticking, and easy to remove when your children change their mind about who their favourite TV star is this week.

The vinyl wall decals with their super adhesive are easy to put up in a matter of seconds and easy to take down, which is great for temporary residences, as they leave no stains on the walls. Unlike the old style pretty much permanent wall paper or the ugly and easily torn posters, a removable wall graphic is made from quality vinyl and leave no permanent makers on your walls

There is a wonderful range of kids wall decals available to suit any childs style and taste and parents budget. A Handy Manny Wall sticker would also be a perfect decorating solution for a kids themed birthday party. You can decorate the party room with these new decals and then surprise your child when they get to permanently keep their favourite character to put on their own bedroom walls, long after the party has finished.

Decorating with Handy Manny Wall Decals, will ensure any childs birthday party is a super success. Along with all the additional characters included in the set, the tool box friends, your guests will have fun positioning them all over the walls and when they are removed and placed in your kids bedroom, they will always be able to do their own decorating and place the wall stickers anywhere in their bedroom that suits them.

Looking for a unique way to brighten up the decor of your childs bedroom? Then look no further than wallstickers-decals.com for Wall Decals for Kids. Life size, precision cut outs of your child's favorite TV heroes like Handy Manny Wall Decals, will ensure all kids go to bed happy.

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