DISH NETWORK’S Sports pack a better value than DIRECTV’S

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Being a person who has seen both sides of what both Dish Network and Directv has to offer in their respective sports packages I would have to say that Dish Network comes out clearly the winner.

Both packages are tailored toward allowing sports fans to get as many sports channels as they can at a reasonable price. They both are similar except in price and the value you receive from each one. Directv charges $12.99 a month for their Sports Pack, while Dish Network only charges $5.99 for their Multi Sports Pack.

People may wonder, well what's the difference? The difference is they both give you additional regional sports networks, except Dish Network offers it to you at a smaller price than Directv does. Another major difference is the NFL Red Zone channel that is included in the sports package from Dish Network.

The NFL Red Zone is probably one of the best things to ever come to TV for NFL fans. It use to be that you could only see touchdown highlights during halftime of the game you were watching, or if you switched over to ESPN to see highlights of other NFL games but you would have to wait through other sport highlights as well. Now that has changed any time a team gets within 20 yards of the Goal line, which is called the RedZone. The Red Zone channel switches to that game so you can see every Red Zone touchdown scored all day long in every 1pm and 4pm game.

The best thing about the channel is now when you are watching the game you want to see and don't want to jump to the Red Zone channel unless something is happening. All you have to do is watch the scoreboard at the bottom or top of the screen your game is on, when you see the red arrow next to a team that means there in the Red Zone, just jump over to the Red Zone channel and you will be able to see live action as the team tries to score a touchdown.

That is just one of the many ways why Dish Network sports package ranks higher than DirecTV's, and it's available for ½ the price that Directv charges it's customers.

By: Frank Bilotta

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