DISH Network’s SD Receivers Pack a Punch

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Almost every home in the US today has one or more TV sets. TVs can be widescreen HD TVs and LCD TVs or conventional CRT TVs. Although LCD TVs are rapidly taking over CRT TVs, there are many places where people still use a CRT TV. CRT TVs are optimized for analog and SD content so they display such content better than HD TVs. Similarly, HD TVs display high-definition content more aptly than do CRT TVs. The widescreen 16:9 formats is optimized for today’s HD TVs. It is therefore not surprising that most mainstream satellite providers today are focusing on bringing HD content to American households.

However, there are still many Americans who prefer SD content or cannot afford the price tags of HD programming or HD TVs. For many such viewers, DISH Network has a couple of cool SD receivers which are meant to bring crystal-clear sound and picture to conventional CRT TVs and even LCD sets. The primary difference between HD and SD content is resolution. HD content usually has a resolution of 1366x768 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p). On the other hand, SD content is limited to just 460 pixels in terms of breadth.

The Solo 311 receiver is the basic SD DISH receiver that has attractive looks and an all-black exterior that is sure to be the center of attraction in your living room. The device does not have a glossy finish so will not attract any undesirable fingerprints. With neat holes to allow good ventilation, it will run cool and quiet.

This SD receiver can be hooked up to just one standard definition TV. You cannot have two TVs connected to it at the same time. It sports a display resolution of 480i which is pretty good in terms of picture quality and clarity. Featuring on-screen caller ID with history in case you need to connect your phone line, this SD receiver packs a punch. It will not significantly affect your electricity bills as it meets the EPA’s latest Energy Star standards. You also get a cute stylish remote control that allows you to surf through channels or control the receiver.

The Solo 311 receiver can be paired with just one TV at a time. You cannot have it paired up with two TVs simultaneously. This is where the Duo 322 receiver comes into picture. It does not have the limitations of the Solo 311 receiver. You certainly need it if you have two TVs in your place.

The Duo 322 receiver comes with many interesting features. This slim and black device not only lets you watch your favorite programs on two TVs, but also features two separate remote controls for each TV. Should you need to look up the timings of your favorite shows, the On-Screen Electronic program Guide or EPG is there to help you. This nifty application shows you the listings of your favorite programs for up to two consecutive days. Now you do not need to bother checking the program listings on the Internet. It also has a parental lock for channels which should be a great convenience for parents.

DISH Network offers a wide range of channels for viewers of different tastes. Moreover, with feature-rich DISH Network receiver, your TV viewing experience becomes truly special.

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