DISH Network vs. DirecTV – Which One to Choose?

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With plethora of television service providers being available in every hook and corner of your locality the choice of selecting becomes really tough. The present day scenario is such that people have concentrated their choices more to Satellite TV. And in Satellite TV scenario there are two big companies that have established their strong footholds. Both the companies have some pros and cons thereby making the viewers all the more difficult to make the choice. Just switching from cable TV service is not enough, the viewers oscillates between DISH Network and DirecTV. Which one is best- DirecTV or DISH Network? Before drawing any conclusion it is quite imperative to undergo a thorough analysis between the two.

First let us deal with programming package of DISH and DirecTV. However it is seen that both these leading Satellite TV providers air programs that are more of less on same subject matter. However there is a difference between English packages between the two. With DISH Network you will definitely be at advantageous position. Why? Check it out yourself. America’s TOP 120 is the most economic package that offers more than 120 channels including a handful of HD programming channels as well. Its price rate is $24.99/ mo for the last twelve months. On the other hand, Choice, the DirecTV’s economic package, though offers more than 150 channels, is available at $29.99/mo for the first one year. In addition, DISH TV has got all the special rights of airing quite a few sports channels. Even though you will have to pay an additional subscription fees but you will add more entertainment in return.

So far as programming services are concerned a special light may be on DISH HD channels. Patting one’s shoulder in excitement all it can be said that DISH Network, the only Satellite TV provider in United States, offers over 200 HD national channels. With DISH Network there is no end of offers and discount. For first time subscription you can enjoy freebies like $15 off per month, free upgrade to HD DVR. In case you are a movie lover you have extra reason to rejoice since DISH TV offer the opportunity of viewing prime movie channels Showtime and HBO for three months at free of cost to the first timers.. You can also get 3 HD receivers at free of cost. No other service provider of Satellite TV in United States has come up with such a rewarding offer.

Plus DISH Network has an added advantage. If you yearn for outstanding Customer service your choice should be none other than DISH Network .The customer care professionals of DISH TV knows it quite well to take care of their existing subscribers and also deal with the after sale strategies quite well. According to American Customer Satisfaction Index 2010, DISH TV tops in the list of all the providers that dish out best of customer care services.

Considering all the factors it can be concluded that the Colorado based television service provider DISH Network scores better than DirecTV. And if you are looking for highest quality of TV entertainment at affordable price, you must bring home DISH Network.

DISH Network, the leading satellite TV provider in the United States offers a range of packages for viewers of all tastes and budgets. Through its highest quality of broadcast and efficient customer care service, DISH Network has successfully left behind its competitors in the industry.

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