DISH Network vs. Cable TV: A comparative study

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Amongst plethora of providers who are mobbing the television industry in great numbers the names of Satellite TV and cable television come in the first in the chart. Especially the beginning of DISH Network has raised the level of competition high and tough. With a plethora of programs and excellent services DISH Network already has captured the maximum of satellite TV market. This has led to a big fight between the age old provider, the cable TV and this recent Satellite TV avatar, the DISH Network. Whether it is cable TV or DISH Network- which one is best? Well, this big fat question has made it imperative to draw a comparison between cable television and DISH Network.

To start with let us deal with the price factor of both these providers. In comparison to the high price tag of cable television that ranges between $50 and $ 70 every month, a DISH Network subscriber can enjoy all the exclusive programming channels at low price cost of $24.99/ month. Plus DISH Network offers a bucket full of special offers and discounts for the first time subscribers. Like you can get 3 month free viewing of two premier movie channels like HBO and Showtime as well as free HD DVR upgrade and many more. But cable television has yet to come up with such unique offers for its subscribers.

In another area DISH Network supersedes the service of cable television. DISH Network offers more than 200 national HD channels which ensure superb images and true to life Dolby digital sound system. Although cable television offers few of its channels in digital mode, in comparison to HD programming package of DISH Network, it lags far behind.

Not only in quality, in terms of quantity as well, DISH Network has crafted its name in the industry. With DISH Network you are bound to get nearly 300 channels on divergent topics like sports, news items, movies, kids programs and many more. Be it women, male or a toddler everything can get something from DSH TV channels. For international communities you can get more than 170 international channels in as many as twenty eight languages. Cable TV, on the other hand, offers only a handful of channels and only few of the channels come in digitalized mode.

Also there is another aspect where DISH Network has created stronghold that its hardcore competitor cable television. DISH Network has put its foot in those remote areas which was i\unreachable for cable television operators. Thus with a simple fixing of dish antenna, plus an exclusive dish receiver, even the villagers can take pleasure of all the exclusive programs of DISH TV channels.

In conclusion it can be said that DISH Network is a better choice than its long time contender cable television.

DISH Network, the famous Satellite TV provider of the United States, offers special features and services that are suitable for all types of subscribers. So just go through the DISH Network packages and select your preferred package.

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