DISH Network Smart Card

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Today DISH Network has one of the second largest pay TV in United States. This is due to array of channels it provides for every age group. So to find the best DISH TV offers you need to do some research. While doing some research about satellite TV you must have asked several questions yourself. Most of the satellite TV providers have faced quite a challenge in an effort to combat signal piracy. They want to keep their broadcasting secure from unauthorized users while providing uninterrupted service to its subscribers.

In the past DISH Network receivers used blue card access card to assist with programming set-up and activation. But today those blue cards have been replaced by new, yellow smart cards. These have already been used European application and the Smart Card is taking off well in United States as well. These are used in credit cards, sensitive personnel identification and wireless communications. The Smart Card is becoming prevalent in our lives as the technology is taking the next big leap.

The DISH Network Card is almost same in size and shape as the plastic credit card. But this is the place where the similarities end. Credit card has magnetic strip whereas DISH TV Smart Card has microprocessor inside it. The magnetic strips can be easily damaged, read, erased or worse but on the contrary microprocessor is much harder to crack and helps to keep the sensitive information from prying eyes. The technology is quite simple as the card reader in your satellite TV receiver actually communicates with the microprocessor to determine which programming channels you can have and makes sure that these DISH channels are delivered to you on time. It also makes sure that the programming you are receiving is done through the receiver you have purchased. This prevents any kind of signal loss in case your Smart Code is stolen or damaged.

Another interesting feature of DISH Network Card is its ability to manage your account through more accurate billing. This microprocessor checks the premium programming package that you have purchased and checks that you pay only for the channels for what you actually watch. You should know that not all Dish Network receivers have smart card since this is an added feature.

One thing you should remember is to protect your DISH Network card and keep it away from static electricity or magnets. The Smart Card should be inserted gently into the receiver to ensure that it is positioned correctly and is free from any kind of foreign materials.

To activate DISH Network Smart Card you need to call up your satellite TV provider directly after installing the satellite DISH. Then you need to give the smart card numbers and receiver to the customer service representative and conduct an activation hit to de-scramble the activation DISH channels. The DISH Network Smart Cards are found in satellite receiver box. It plays an integral role in activating satellite service. You can locate the smart card receiver with the helpful information from a certified satellite TV professional installer.

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