DISH Network Receivers – the Unmatched and Unputdownable

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A satellite TV service gives you access to the best valued entertainment. If you have already planned to subscribe to such service, it is suggested that you choose a provider that will give you the best programming package that matches your needs and also at a price that is reasonable to you. At present, DISH Network is the largest provider of such services in the United States. Whether it is your home or office, DISH Network ensures complete entertainment for you, your family, friends and colleagues.

Whatever package you choose from DISH Network, you will need certain equipments to view the programming on your TV. The Receiver is one such important equipment. DISH Network has a wide collection of receivers equipped with the most advanced technology and features to offer you enriching TV viewing experience.

Selecting the receivers for the number of TVs you have

Before you choose your DISH Network programming package make sure to determine the number of TVs where you want to have satellite TV services. DISH Network TV provides a standard receiver for free when you opt for any of their package. This is generally a Solo receiver, which means you can use it for only a single TV. If you have 2 TVs at your home opt for a Duo Receiver.

Types of Receivers offered by DISH Network

There are mainly three types of receivers available from DISH Network, such as the Standard Receivers, DVR Receivers and HD DVR Receivers. There are different models of each of these DISH Network receivers, each of which are loaded with a host of new features. These receivers are available both in Solo and Duo versions.

Standard receivers are offered by DISH Network with every package at no extra cost. Nowadays DISH Network is even providing one or more HD and HD DVR Receivers with some of their packages absolutely free of cost to their new customers. So you can contact them today to save much of your dollars.

Features of DISH Network Receivers

Standard receivers are the basic offering of DISH Network to all of their subscribers. The DISH receivers are equipped with advanced technology allowing you to view your favorite TV channels in digital quality.

Then there are DVR Receivers that are more advanced than their predecessors. Such DISH receivers come with hard disks that come with different storage capacities. This is mainly because of a single reason and it’s that it helps you to play, pause and record your favorite TV shows with the press of a button. Watch a show on one channel and record another show telecasted on another channel at the same time. With such receivers, never miss out your favorite TV series.

If you have opted for the HD service or getting it for free through your subscription from DISH Network, make sure you order the HD DVR Receiver. Nowadays, DISH Network offers such receivers free of cost to their new customers upon subscribing to HD programming packages or if their packages come pre-loaded with HD services.

These receivers have the same revolutionary play-pause-record feature like the DVR Receiver with the provision of viewing TV channels in both standard definition and HD. Enjoy HD movies and TV shows channels in high quality resolutions of 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p along with Dolby Digital audio technology.

The state-of-the-art technologies used in the DISH Network receivers plays a major role in bringing quality picture and sound output in your television. Bring home DISH Network and enjoy television to its fullest.

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