DISH Network or DIRECTV- which one to choose?

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When entertainment is on your mind and so is your budget, you must opt for that TV package that gives you the maximum level of entertainment within your specified budget. Now the question is which one to choose- DISH Network, DIRECTV or Cable TV. It is the world of satellite TV entertainment when we no longer have to depend on Cable TV for satiating our passion for entertainment. DISH Network offers you the best satellite TV entertainment which definitely has a better value than DIRECTV on grounds of the best HD, the best DVR service as well as the best customer service.

The best fact about using DISH Network services is its price tag. DISH Network offers everyday low price as compared to DIRECTV. The price of DIRECTV packages gets doubled after 1 year. For example DISH Network’s America’s Top 120 is available at a promotional price of $29.99, which stands at $44.99 after 1 year. America’s Top 200 Package comes at a promotional price of $39.99, which after 1 year becomes $59.99 and America’s Top 250 Package is available at a promotional DISH Network offer of $49.99 that after 1 year stands at $69.99. Whereas DIRECTV’s Choice with over 150 channels is available at a promotional price of $29.99 for 1 year after which the price becomes $60.99. DIRECTV Choice Xtra with more than 210 channels comes at a promotional price of $34.99 which after 1 year becomes $65.99. DIRCETV Choice Ultimate with over 225 channels comes at a promotional price of $39.99 that becomes $70.99 after 1 year. DIRECTV Premier with over 285 channels comes at $85.99 for 1 year, after which it becomes $114.99.

DISH Network offers the most HD Channels in comparison to DIRECTV. By virtue of DISH Network you can get 3 HD receivers free but HD receivers are not free with DIRECTV where you have to pay nearly $200. You can enjoy free upgrade to DISH Network DVR with Multi-Room View. DISH Network gives you the privilege to record in 1 room and watch in another but this advanced technology is not available with DIRECTV. With DISH Network TV you can fly through recorded commercials with 30 second skip button but this option is not available with DIRECTV. DISH Network records over 50 hours of HD programming but DIRECTV is incompetent in this regard. You will be lucky to make use of DISH Network TV that has the highest hourly SD recording capacity up to more than 350 hours whereas DIRECTV can record only up to a maximum of 200 hours. DISH Network enlivens all the Spanish spectators in USA with Mexico-specific programming package while DIRECTV does not offer any of such Mexico specific programs. DISH Network rejuvenates its patrons with the most international programming (28) while DIRECTV only offers 15 International programming packages.

DISH Network channels are the best bets that keep you entertained throughout the year. DISH Network deals are exactly what you are in quest of for your entertainment need. DISH Network offers excellent after-sales services on DISH Network receivers. The efficient technicians of DISH Network help DISH Network consumers to install and upgrade their systems whenever they require with a dedication and exclusivity unmatched in the satellite TV industry all over US.

So turn on to DISH Network without any doubt in your mind and mesmerize yourself with the enchanting TV programs.

DISH Network TV is definitely a better choice as compared to DIRECTV. With more than 200 DISH Network HD channels, DISH Network channels give you unbounded opportunities to enjoy a wide array of programming.

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