DISH Network Launches its 15th Satellite

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For years cable TV has been the undisputed leader in the entertainment industry. It was in fact considered to be the milestone of home entertainment. But with the coming of satellite TV, things have changed for the better. The entertainment arena has undergone a sea-change and it has completely revolutionized the way we look at television nowadays. Based on the growing demands of the subscribers, the DISH Network service providers are constantly striving hard to bring about uniqueness in the channels that they broadcast. The contents of these channels are featured depending on the individual taste and choice. DISH Network offers a plethora of digital quality channels that can be viewed in high definition mode. Crystal clear picture and superb sound quality is something which cable TV cannot provide but DISH TV can. Viewing your favorite shows in HD mode is truly astonishing and a treat to your eyes.

To make your HD experience more astounding and incredible, DISH network, the initiator in the world of satellite TV entertainment, has recently launched its 15th satellite. The name given to this new satellite is EchoStar XIV. It was launched on March 21st, 2010 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The main aim behind launching the satellite EchoStar XIV, is to enhance the high definition mode of the DISH TV and offer more HD channels in the row. The DISH network company in the United States of America is bent upon offering more high definition channels for all its happy viewers. Right now there are over 160 HD channels being viewed by millions of subscribers and that is highest in the industry till date. The satellite TV Company believes, the launch of this newest satellite will authorize them to provide more than 200 high definition channels to top the chart. With the launch of this new satellite, the total number of orbits or satellite count is coming up to 15. This according to the company is the highest in the prevailing industry till date.

According to the Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Programming of the DISH Network, Tom Cullen is of the opinion that the company will continue to launch more satellites in future, to remain in the number one position in the industry. Their primary aim is multi channel video programming. Tom Cullen has also added that the company will be increasing the HD programming packages up to more than 200 channels.

DISH Network, is undoubtedly the best among the equal when it comes to viewing high definition programming channels. Get to view a wide variety of home entertainment channels at a really affordable price rate. Quality, Reliability and Price are the three main pillars behind the success of satellite TV. DISH Network aims to provide the same for all the happy viewers. This also helps in retaining as well as solidifying the base of the potential customers. No wonder the DISH network has been acknowledged by the subscribers all over the world for delivering high quality TV programming with choice and entertainment value.

Experience digital quality programming with Satellite TV. Treat your eyes with the best of the HD programming channels offered by DISH Network services.

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