DISH Network Latino Packages – Latino Programming At Its Best

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DISH Network is one of the leading satellite television service providers of USA. It has always come up with a variety of entertainment packages in front of the viewers. Currently, it is providing with the Latino Pack for all those people, who are interested in the Spanish programs. Whether it is movies or the soccer matches, now you can enjoy it in crystal clear clarity with DISH Network HD.

Most importantly, DISH Network TV is offering this Latino pack at an affordable price and it further encourages a large number of people to opt for the same. The users can even choose from a wide range of packages according to their necessities.

Latino Programming Packages of DISH Network:

• DISH MΙXICO: This unique package provides you with more than 55 channels in both the Spanish and English languages. Now, the users can enjoy all the well-known regional channels of Mexico like, Galavision, Free Speech TV, De Pelicula etc. Moreover, you are going to enjoy all of these at a minimal amount of only $19.99 per month.

• DISH Latino Clasico: This package is currently available at a discounted price of only $22.99/month instead of the registered price $32.99/month. Here, you will be able to watch more than 105 channels and enjoy all of your favorite programs in an effective manner. The local channels which are included in this package are- CineLatino, Discovery en Espanol, Fox Sports Espanol and various others.

• DISH Latino Plus: Among DISH Network discount packages, the Latino Plus is undeniably a prominent one. It offers more than 110 channels in both the Spanish and English languages. Similar to the previous one, here also you can enjoy a discounted rate of $27.99/month for a period of 12 months. CNN en Espanol, Boomerang, CBeebies and De Pelicula Clasico are some of the renowned channels, which are being offered with this package.

• DISH Latino Dos: This is perhaps one of the most lucrative packages among DISH Network Latino packages. Now, apart from experiencing more than 210 channels, the users can even watch 25 of them in high-definition mode. Whether it is the recent flicks of Almodovar or the splendid performance of the Spanish football team, now you can experience all of these in digital clarity. Moreover, this pack is also obtainable at a discounted price of only $29.99/month.

• DISH Latino Max: Last but not the least, there is DISH Latino Max, which endows with the utmost privileges of both the Latino Dos and Clasico. If you are a sports lover or interested in watching the action movies, then this package should definitely be your foremost choice. At a monthly rental of only $42.99, now the consumers are going to experience more than 255 channels. You also do not need to worry on the mere quality of the videos as more than 40 HD channels are also available to cope with your requirements.

Few Additional Privileges:

DISH Network Espanol further treats the consumers with some of the exclusive features like,

• Standard Professional Installation facility on up to six televisions
• Free Showtime for the first three months
• HD Free for Life

With DISH Network TV, customers can enjoy a variety of Latino packages at both affordable and justified prices. DISH Latino packages further offer the best Spanish entertainment to all its customers.

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