Dish Network Characters: Are You Emotionally Attached?

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I hear all this talk about consumers being addicted to dish network channels. I hear them swearing for the services and quality of audio-visual entertainment that they get. There's this satellite TV thing happening with new shows, new TV events. I was a little disconcerted to find out that no one spoke about a major reason why the addiction to dish network channels are so prevalent. Half of the consumers don't have a TV set that can get them the promised quality of entertainment. So what is the reason they get hooked to dish TV soaps? Why, the characters! The characters that you watch on your favorite shows are the real reason you can't part with the channel, no matter how much they cut into your monthly budget.

We have grown up watching some fabulous characters on screen. They light up the small screen and our heroes, no less than the ones we watch on the silver screens. TV heroes and heroines are more attached to our lives because they visit us at home, in our drawing rooms. Dish TV channels gave a good boost to this trend. Content is a huge USP for satellite TV channels. So they are more concerned with creating plotlines which have more of these wonderful, appealing personalities. They rise about the meandering path of the soap and touch our lives. It is not always a positive effect. There are many characters we love to hate. But love or hate, we cannot ignore these attractive persons on the small screen.

Dish TV is all about these characters. They make a deep impact each time they come across. Remember the teenage crush you had on George Clooney? Many great actors made their debut on the small screen before carving out a niche for themselves in cinema later on. We have laughed and cried with these characters. The emotional bond with their direct satellite TV shows is such that we are not being able to come to terms with the fact when they come to an end. This is the reason some shows have been popular despite running for years. People are keen to know what the characters are doing as they go through the trials and tribulations of life. We like to know what they faced in the coming months. We wait for the next season to come.

Direct satellite TV services have appealed to the viewers for this simple reason. The soaps that were popular are now a rage. More customers have access to these shows now because of the reach of dish network channels. We are all waiting for more characters to make their way to our hearts.

Michael Williams is a contributing author of Dish Network technologies and services. His profound knowledge and experience on high tech Dish TV and Dish Network services reflects prominently on his write ups. Find us on Twitter.

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