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DISH Network, the leading Satellite TV provider in the United States brings to you a host of other packages apart from their regular packages. This means that now you can sit back at your home and enjoy a complete package of entertainment whenever you want. Paint your week with your favorite package and enjoy watching digital programming with excellent picture quality and clarity.

Given below are the various channels of other DISH TV Packages. You can subscribe to these in addition to your regular package and personalize your choice.

Sportsman Channel: As the name suggests, this channel is entirely dedicated to sports. Besides, the channel also provides you latest events and news updates from the sports world. If you have your special palette tilted to games then this is undoubtedly the best choice for you. The channel also covers hunting, shooting, fishing activities that are well known in their respective places in America. In fact, the Sportsman Channel is a total package related to all types of sports that might be popular to an American. The charges for subscribing to this channel are $3.00/mo.

Outdoor Channel: The Outdoor Channel is also dedicated to sports. In fact, it is the best in America’s Outdoor TV. Like the previous channel, this channel also shows the best hunting, fishing and shooting sports. It also gives vital information and tips that prove to be very handy to people who have an affinity for outdoor sporting activities. In order to subscribe this channel in your Other Packages, you need to pay just $3/mo. Outdoor Channel is also available in America’s Top 250 and America’s Everything Pak.

Baby First TV: This channel is the first of its kind because it is the only channel that is dedicated to babies, infants and toddlers. It showcases several programs that provide valuable information to expecting mothers and parents about the proper growth and development of their children. In addition to these, you will also get Expert advice from doctors, pediatricians and nutrition specialists. This one-in-all channel is literally an encyclopedia to parents who want to know everything about child psychology and several other issues related to this. The charges for subscribing to Baby First TV will be $5/mo.

Bloomberg Television: Bloomberg Television is dedicated only to news that is related to financial matters, latest updates from the stock exchange, foreign markets and weekend financial news. In fact, this channel provides you everything right from A to Z of the financial and economic market. Subscription cost of this channel is $3/mo.

Veria Television: This is actually a health channel that aims at living naturally and keeping well. It provides useful facts and details about entertainment programming. Apart from this, the channel also showcases classic comedy movies every evening. You can also get Veria Television in America’s Top 250 and America’s Everything Pak for just $5/mo.

EPIX 3: This channel shows classic movies from Paramount Pictures, MCM Studios and Lionsgate. You can watch the original movies in their uncut versions. Besides showing classic movies, you can also watch latest releases. It will cost you $7/mo.

The other two channels included in the Other Packages are Fox Soccer Plus and RFD-TV.

Now you can watch your favorite programs in perfect digital clarity. All you need to do is to bring DISH Network to your home. A wide range of DISH Channels are sure to satisfy the viewers of all tastes.

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