Discovering The Difference Between Halogen Light Bulbs And Incandescent Bulbs

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There are light bulbs that are more efficient than incandescent bulbs and they are called halogen light bulbs. The latter provides greater energy efficiency, glowing brighter with the same energy input as incandescent bulbs. These kinds of lamp are found in homes, offices, and automobiles. Their advantage over regular lamps is that they last longer. In fact, they were developed as an answer to the need for longer lasting light bulbs. The length of their lifespan can be explained by their durability and efficiency.

These bulbs have modified structures that are not quite similar to other types of light bulbs. Sometimes such specialized bulbs are called tungsten halogen bulbs since the bulbs feature the basic tungsten filament, a key component of incandescent lamps, and a halogen element. The interaction between the metallic tungsten and the halogen gas gives such lamps distinct characteristics that no other kind of lamps can bestow. The halogen element can be iodine, which together with the tungsten filament is encapsulated in a small heat-resistant glass bulb.

The presence of the halogen gas is the key element for the length of lifespan of halogen lamps. When the tungsten wire glows, some of the tungsten atoms vaporize which is a common phenomenon in typical incandescent bulbs. However, the presence of halogen prevents rapid deterioration of the tungsten wire through re-deposition of tungsten onto the filament. This process prolongs the life of the wire filament, thereby, lengthening the life of the bulb. The reason incandescent lamps run out of life is the burning out of the thin tungsten filament. This process is quite delayed in halogen bulbs.

Halogen bulbs can withstand higher temperatures, in which conditions the similar incandescent bulbs can burst. Since they can withstand extremely high temperatures, they can be made much brighter than incandescent or fluorescent lamps. With greater brightness, such lamps are more efficient for specific purposes where other types of lamps shall be impractical to use.

Another key factor of halogen-containing lamps is the type of glass that encloses the tungsten-halogen complex. These lamps withstand extreme heat because the glass encapsulation is made of quartz instead of glass that is commonly used on ordinary light bulbs. At the same temperature that a halogen bulb withstands, an incandescent lamp bursts.

Because of the features of these light bulbs, they are made with utmost expertise. Not only should these bulbs be able to resist very high filament temperature but also they should be manufactured in such a way to reduce heat dispersion. Another vital aspect during the manufacture process is to ensure that the lamps' UV-B output is reduced. In case you do not know, the fusion of quartz to reinforce the glass bulb results in the emission of the ultraviolet radiation. So some companies apply additives to the glass to filter UV-B radiation. The glass bulb may also be coated in multi layers which allow emission of the full spectrum of visible light but prevents escape of too much infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is what you feel as the thermal energy coming out of typical lamps. Such bulbs are made in such a way as to reflect heat given off by the burning filament back to the filament itself, a process that increases energy efficiency.

But these types of lamps are not suitable in all applications. Halogen-containing bulbs are only used in automotive and specialized applications wherein intense bright light is necessary. However, there are different types of halogen lamps that can be used for ordinary purposes such as in home and office use.

Contrary to what you might expect, these specialized bulbs are not expensive. For the kind of light output they bestow, the price they come with is just right and reasonable, if not inexpensive.

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