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Canvas prints are the byproduct of photographic or graphic images printed on canvas that are stretched or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame. They are also known by their other terms such as canvas art or stretched canvas. Since 1990s, the images have been reproduced and printed on canvas fabrics.

The printing is associated with dye sublimation and the use of inkjet print process that use inkjet-based printers that can print directly onto canvas. Another term for the inkjet process s is Giclee printing. Two of the brands of printers that are capable of printing directly onto a canvas fabric are the HP Designjet and the Epson Stylus Pro.

The modern concept of canvas print is given a lift by the technological development of graphics technology such as the printers and the software. The advent of technology paved the way for artists to make their arts available to everyone, and their skills in the service of anybody.

Both on the web and on the brick and mortar world, artists and photographers set up their galleries, studios and print houses to create products to satisfy the customerís needs. For example, canvas pints can produce photography that can be displayed and framed as wall arts. Still photography, landscapes, portraits and even painting can be printed on a canvas.

The advertising and media industry also benefit from canvas printing. The concept of canvas printing is to combine creativity and technology together. It is used because of its artistic quality in making advertisement more appealing.

Granted, with canvas printing, the fine artists employ creativity, such as metaphors and figurative speeches and symbols to convey the message. It can be powerful to invoke the minds and hearts of the one reading or viewing them.

If you are using an HP DesignJet printer, there are four types of canvass from which you can choose to print your images. These canvasses are Universal Matte, Artist Matte, Professional Matte, and Collector Satin.

The Universal Matte canvas is the least expensive of all and the thinnest as well. The quality of prints used with Universal Matte is fine, while the surface has a good texture. However, this canvass has the potential of showing small cracks when it is stretched on stretcher bars with sharper edge to them.

The Artist Matte canvas is more expensive than the Universal Matte. It is also heavier and brighter white than the Universal. The heavier weight makes the print quality even better. There are no cracking issues with it and the surface texture is nice.

For an excellent canvas, choose the Professional Matte. It is the brightest white compared to the other two. It is also much heavier.

The Collector Satin canvas is the most expensive and the heaviest. It is slightly less white and has satin for finish. The finishing print is glossy which reflects the light back to the one viewing the prints. Sometimes, the glossiness can get in the way of the print. Canvas prints are becoming more popular across the world.

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