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Today you can do everything from a computer. You can locate your long lost relatives or you can find a new love or new entertainment source like music industry. You can order a pizza and have it delivered and you can do all your Christmas shopping. If it has to do with life, it can be done via your personal computer.
You can find the lyrics and tabs to your favourite songs and you can even download your favourite songs, legally or illegally or can create your own music industry or music marketplace. You can buy the instruments and other components needed to make your own live music or you can hire music professional. And what is very cool is that you can do all of this without hindrance. You truly are able to rock the world virtually. If you have access to the Internet and you are looking to put together a world-class project you can hire people to virtually help your project rock. You can set up the rhythm guitar and scratch vocal tracks in your home studio and then email them to a lead playing musician of your music industry or music marketplace across the country in LA. He can overdub his part and send them to a bass player that lives in Nashville. Those tracks can then be sent off to a drummer from Jamaica and on to a piano player in England before they come back to you.

You can then lay on the final vocals and send the files to the producer in New York who can mix and master them and send them to our friends in France for Graphic work and then finally on to China for Manufacturing and packaging before coming back to you as a finished CD. The point here is that each and every one of the people in this chain could have been gotten from contacts at places like myMusicCircle in music industry. You can find everyone that you need to do this project right from the same computer that you use to shop on EBay or to check the weather. These are people that you may never meet but they are true virtual employees of your country coming together to help make that project a reality. You are likely to save quite a little money by hiring music professional this way and the downside is that it is going to likely take a little longer to piece it all together unless you stay on top of the production schedule and make sure everyone stays on target and gets their portion of the project done in a timely manner.

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