Discover how To Produce Your Own Model Railway Track Scenery

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Now that your model railway track is running smoothly you need to design some natural looking scenery to complement your trains as they travel around the track.

The first thing you need when producing scenery for your model railroad is benchwork. This is a miniature table on which you make your railway layout. Benchwork is also less expensive then a conventional table. You can purchase a benchwork kit or build your own. The benefit of constructing your own scenery is that you are able to produce the precise shape and size to fit your model railway layout.

There are many ways to construct scenery for your model train track. Some of the features you may want to include in your layout are tunnels, roads, trees, fences, bridges, water, mountains, hills, buildings, docks, cars, people and stations.

When you first start building model trains, you will probably want to start with pre-built scenery and train kits. As your knowledge, excitement and model railway track plans grow you may decide to expand your abilities and knowledge by creating your own scenery. While this topic could and does fill an entire book, this article will help you get started with some basic knowledge.

If you want to add a little creativity and make your scenery unique you can use a technique called kit bashing which involves using parts from a kit as well as adding several of your own features which you designed from scratch. This makes it easier to construct decent effects without having to build the whole thing yourself which can be very time consuming.

A technique to create your model train scenery is to buy a scenery mat. The mat looks plain on its own but if you add scrunched up paper beneath the mat then you can build up hills and mountains. A more conventional method of building the model train scenery is to use chicken wore or aluminum wire and some wood to build a frame and then use paper mache to create a foundation upon which plaster can be laid. Once this is complete then you can texture your model with dyed sawdust or purchased mix to represent the grass.

Common household items can be developed into H, HO or N scale landscape with an Exacto knife as well as a little time and patience.

One popular way is to use expanded polystyrene or styrofoam as a foundation for producing the model train scenery. It is possible to cut through this with a hot wire so you can mold it into shape and then lay the pieces on top of each other to put together simple basic scenery for mountains and for raising your buildings that are positioned around your model train railway track. You could also purchase some pre-cut polystyrene pieces such as risers that will raise your track to another level.

Discover low-cost and no-cost fun ways to build natural looking scenery visit model railway track scenery.

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