Disadvantages of out of reach officers

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Disadvantages of out of reach officers     (February 8, 2010).
It is one of biggest tragedy in governance that out of bound authorities are busy in meetings behind close doors. It is heartbreaking that common or even distinguished people could not approach them irrespective of importance of matters. Many tragedies and deprivations erupted due to their behavior. These authorities either conduct meetings with their office fellows or talk with corresponding high officials. Only revolution could change this situation.
It is bad aspect of our country that all senior officers are out of reach of general public. Whenever you try to contact them their secretaries will inform you that they are busy in meeting. What is the benefit of such officers? Meeting the President, Prime Minister or any Minister is beyond imagination. My whole life is very tough struggle. I could be able to see only few highest level officials.
During previous years I tried to see chairman WAPDA. Two or three years ago, during the government of former president Pervez Musharraf, Chairman WAPDA personal secretary gave me call and told that chairman wants to see me. I left every work and reached WAPDA house. His secretary displayed a file on which the Chairman wrote comments "held discussion". By showing this the secretary told that he can not let me see the chairman because you cannot be reinstated to your jobs. I told him that chairman is highest authority and he could reinstate me by the slight movement of his pen but the secretary refused. Probably I should have given him bribe. I do not know such official secrets of getting work done. That is the reason that I never got job once I left them. Experienced people take every type of benefit from these officers. Writer is Web Developer in Lahore Pakistan

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