Dirty Dancing in London

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Dirty Dancing, a love and movie filled with dancing and romance was originally a 1963 classic that got into movie theatres in the 80s. Dirty Dancing London is an illustration of the original movie where current and young performers dance and act very well incorporating other scenes that were not in the original movie.

Aldwych Theatre offers the best auditorium for the musical show which plays a total of 50 songs and over for the performers who know each and every step well enough to lure the attention of the audience. A story full of romance and sexy dancing is a perfect combination for what love in the theatres could be described.

Dirty Dancing, London, is a story set on stage where Josef Brown as Johnny and Georgina Rich as Baby are the lead pair in the dances and acting. The pair incorporates the American accent used in the original movie and they are choreographed by Kate Champion who is very professional in the romantic dance moves. Patrick Swayze was the lead male dancer in dirty dancing, the original movie and the current musicals has an energetic and tall Josef who is a former ballet principal in Australia.

The storyline on Dirty Dancing is about a girl who was raised by a very rich and conservative family that believes in studying and marrying rich people like them. When they moved to New York, Baby falls in love with a vocational dance instructor whose partner has fallen ill after Baby financed her abortion. Babyís father is a stern doctor who comes to the rescue of the dying girl and saves her life only to learn that he indirectly financed the abortion because her daughter borrowed him that money. She is banned from associating with Johnny and his class but Baby has fallen deeply in love with her dance partner.

Baby sneaks out of her fatherís luxurious house and goes for a night filled with romance at Johnnyís. While sneaking out in the morning, an employee sees her leaving the dance studio and he blames Johnny on a theft case that he did not commit, this is seen when Baby comes to her boyfriendís rescue. Johnny is fired from the dance vacation company but before he leaves, a final performance filled with exciting and heartfelt romantic dancing between Baby and Johnny is shown. Her father later learns that Baby is growing into a lady and he later approved of their relationship.

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