Digital print - revolutionising professional printing

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If you're a large organisation, perhaps a government department or educational institution - you'll have plenty to print. Meanwhile, if you're a small printing business, outsourcing jobs to commercial printers can really eat into your monthly spend - not to mention your job schedule. There are plenty of advantages to bringing your printing in house - have you considered the benefits of digital print?

Digital Print Press features

Digital printing presses give you quality prints on a variety of paper stock - so they're the perfect in house solution. There are a number of advantages with choosing a digital print press:

  1. Greater consistency - digital prints are more or less perfect duplicates of one another and you won't have the ink variations that can come with offset printers. 

  2. Streamline the process - traditional offset lithography requires a number of manual steps to set up the presses - and once it's set up, any changes or delays means machine downtime. Digital print presses are ready instantly, so there's no time wasted between jobs.

  3. Greater cost efficiency - digital technology is quick and easy to use so it helps free up your time to focus on core jobs.

Your next quality digital print press from Canon

While traditional commercial printers, such as large format printers or multifunction printers are designed to efficiently produce large volumes of office documents, they may not provide the high quality that you're looking for. Canon's Digital Press machines, like the imagePRESS C700VP, offer quality and finish that rival commercial printers. With helpful add-ons and features, such as saddle stitching you'll be able to complete more jobs in house.

Digital print presses like the imagePRESS C700VP include a number of notable features:

  1. Add-ons - Canon digital print presses come with a number of professional features and add-ons, including saddle stitching and booklet stapling, so you can do more with your machine.

  2. Versatility - select from a range of stock options, included glossy, uncoated as well as card stock. 

  3. Speed - complete in hours what once took weeks without needing to send materials or waste time prepping the press.

Canon's digital press options offer you the flexibility, quality and efficiency that you need. You'll be printing faster and smarter - so you may never have to outsource your work again.

This article is brought to you by Canon New Zealand - Digital print - revolutionising professional printing. For more great ideas for your printers and equipment to suit your commercial print needs, visit the Canon website.

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