Digital Photography - Tip On Taking Better Photos

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When it comes to taking photographs of people they tend to look basically the same. It is the tilt of the head and of course the forced smile. However, with a little creativity you can really make portrait photos stand out from the norm.

Most of the average portraits do not look very natural. The saying goes that the camera never lies which is very true as you can see right away whether the person in the photo was comfortable or not about having their photo taken. To take a better portrait photo the person needs to feel relaxed and natural.

One of the settings that can make the person uncomfortable is too much reliance on the flash. If you have to use the flash use it sparingly as constantly using it can make the subject uncomfortable. Alternatively, if the setting or location has a lack of light then, move to new a setting with more light so, you do not have to rely on the flash as much. Another problem with the flash is that it causes red eye. This means extra work with your photo editing software to remove the red eye.

If you are taking a photograph of a group of people and some of the subjects are further away for example, one person standing behind the other then, the person further away from the flash will be darker while the person in front will capture most of the light. This is because the flash cannot provide a consistent level of lighting in these situations.

When it comes to the traditional portrait style photo the first thing that usually comes to mind is the photo of the face. The photo is taken at close quarters and capturing the subject from the chest up with the main focus on the face area. One of the aspects that you need to think about before you take a portrait photo is the background. The background can either turn your photo into a masterpiece or a mess. Fine examples of major mistakes are the head in the clouds or a branch of a tree growing out of your ear. You will also have to consider the lighting as well and how you are going to light the subject. There is also the decision of whether to smile or not smile and which way to strike a pose. To find out what you are happy with will require experimenting but be persistent and the portrait you want to create will eventually come.

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