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Digital magazine is one, which you can see on your computer or on Internet. It is not much different from the regular magazine that you see at the book stands. The only difference is you cannot touch and feel a digital magazine as would do with the regular magazine. The dissimilarities stop here. You can flip the pages of a digital magazine, look at the photos and read it as you would do when you’d be reading a magazine picked from a book stand.

Creating a digital magazine is not a difficult in today’s technologically advanced world. There are various tools and companies that can help you build a digital magazine in no time. is a good resource to start your quest to create a digital magazine. The site offers a host of options to help you create a digital magazine of your choice. It is one of the finest platforms for digital publishing that assists you in transforming static PDF files into a user friendly digital magazine. You can also convert your marketing collaterals and other marketing material into a digital publication in no time. PageTurnPro can help you create attractive and meaningful presentations of your web pages.

Creating a digital magazine with the help PageTurnPro is quite simple. All you need to do is upload your PDF, configure what features you want your digital publication to have and you are done. You can use a variety of functions that help you communicated whatever you want to covey to your target audience. You can convert your newsletter, catalogs, advertising flyers, magazines, brochures, journals and annual reports in the format of digital magazine.

The whole process of creating a digital magazine is so simple that you do not need to do anything with your existing website to integrate a PageTurnPro digital publication. You don’t need to buy any software or install any software for that matter. It is as simple as pasting a link on your website, e-mail or newsletter campaigns and you’re ready to go. And the best part of the exercise is that Digital Magazines you don’t have to worry about your readers needing to download any third-party software or plug-ins for them to view your digital publications. The whole application is light and hardly takes any time to download as compared to heavy files.

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