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Digital faxing provides you with secured faxing in which your private faxes remain private, delivered to your email inbox. You do not need a telephone line dedicated for your fax transmissions, and you save cost by doing away with the usual fax machine and the running costs that such a set-up requires.

The word 'Fax' has been derived from the Latin 'fac simile', which basically means 'make a copy'. Fax is a telecom technology which provides the means to transfer printed or handwritten documents at affordable prices over the telephone network. As a synonym, the word 'telefax' is often used which signifies the process of transferring a document to a distant fax machine over the telephone line. With the advent of digital fax many advantages have come into faxing.

Faxing documents over the telephone network has the distinct advantage over postal mail in which the delivery of the documents faxed is almost instantaneous. However, the disadvantage being that this technology depends heavily on the condition of the telephone network and at times has been found to have degraded transmission quality. On the other hand digital faxing provides guaranteed quality delivery of your faxes to the recipients.

To find the best solution regarding Digital Fax, it is always worthwhile doing a little research.

A fax machine generally consists of a document scanner, a modem, and an in-built printer, in case of analog faxing devices. When digital fax machine was first introduced, it became very popular in Japan since it had a clear advantage over the existing teleprompter.

Before the easy-to-use input editors were introduced, it was much faster to write Kanji scripts by hand than to type the characters and this made faxing easy. Fax devices became gradually affordable, and by the middle 0f the 1980's fax machines became popular through-out the world.

Today, the fax machine is being used in all corporate environments, and this stand-alone device has been replaced by "fax servers" and other computer operated systems in form of digital fax, which collect incoming faxes electronically and transmits them to the appropriate people or departments by email or as printed documents. These systems have the advantage of doing away with multiple telephone lines for the users, and also reduce costs by eliminating individual fax machines and unnecessary print-outs.

Digital faxing:

Fax servers:

A digital faxing system is essentially controlled by a set of software facilitating sending and receiving of faxes digitally. The server is equipped with fax modems which are connected to several incoming telephone lines. More recently the telephone lines have been done away with and replaced by "software modem emulators" which use fax over IP technology.

The function of this digital faxing system is to accept the documents meant for faxing, convert them into appropriate fax format and transmit them to the specified destinations. These devices also accept incoming faxes, storing them and routing them by email to the individuals or concerned departments as required.

Internet fax services:

Internet fax services are all TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) compliant which allow business and individual users to send and receive faxes over the internet. You can access Internet faxing services on your computer, which provide you with the features to store and forward fax documents to Group 3 analog fax machines, and also receive or forward the fax documents as email attachments.

Fax services such as the ones offered on the Internet are quite cheap with a monthly cost depending upon the option you choose for an estimated total number of faxes that you intend to send per month.

Digital fax benefits:

As mentioned above, digital faxing provides you with secured faxing in which your private faxes remain private, delivered to your email inbox. A big advantage is you do not need any telephone line dedicated for your fax transmissions, and you save cost by doing away with the usual fax machine and the running costs that such a set-up requires.

The fax number allocated to you by any of the Internet fax service provider travels with you where-ever you go and you can receive and send your faxes from any part of the world. Your incoming and outgoing faxes are all stored for your later references which can be raccessed by you at any time.

Internet faxing follows the principle of digital fax technology which offers you with benefits such as, viewing your faxes from any computer after you log in with your secured Id and password, and also receive information about the status of the fax that you have sent out.

Internet fax allows you to choose your fax number, where you have the option to choose the area code which gives you a more professional look, no matter where your business might be based.


Digital fax brings you faxing at a reduced cost. With a small monthly fee digital fax provides you with ample faxing opportunity at greater speed than ever without you spending any extra money. Digital fax does away with the usual faxing machine that we know of, cuts the cost on paper and printing, and lets you have incoming notifications on your cell phone or PDA, in case you can't be in front of your computer at all times.

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