Digital Baby Video Monitor Review - Top Interference Free Baby Monitor

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The Home Sentry Interference Free Digital Baby Video Monitor from Safe Baby is an excellent choice for parents looking for a digital baby monitor that is interference free, and static free therefore providing private, stable audio and picture signals that won't be received by your neighbors.

You are ensured privacy with the Home Sentry Digital Video Baby Monitor having over 250 encrypted frequency hopping sequences which prevents all interference from other electronic devices such as cordless phones, wireless routers, bluetooth devices and microwave ovens. The transmission frequency is 2.4 GHz.

Parents who use this digital baby video monitor really love it, giving it an exceptional average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.

The baby video monitor can be purchased as a kit with either one or two portable camera's, however it does accommodate up to 8 camera's which can be purchased individually.

The color monitor has a 2.4inch TFT LCD screen. The straight-line range is 450 feet and 100 feet indoors. People find they can use this digital monitor in their basement, garage, and outside in the garden without any problems in reception.

Video Quality:

The picture quality is great! There is a digital zoom with a selectable area feature so that you can zoom in on your baby's face if you choose that area to see more clearly. The baby monitor also includes infrared night vision technology that is far superior to viewing with your own eyes. Night vision is black & white which is standard for this type of equipment.

There is also a video timeout feature to save power.

Audio & Reception:

The audio quality and reception are fantastic too, quite simply no static and no interference, which is really the main reason people choose this digital baby monitor.

With the transmission range being 450' that allows most people to get reception anywhere inside their home and from outside as well within 450 feet.

You have the option of 2 transmission Modes: Audio and Video or Audio Only.

This digital baby video monitor also features 'sleep mode' with Voice(sound) Activation (VOX) a feature many parents love. The sound activation is also very sensitive.

When selecting the best digital video baby monitor to suit your home,if you are still unsure of which frequency or transmission range to choose, I recommend viewing an article by Dorothy Lumski that addresses video baby monitor interference issues "Interference issues with wireless monitors"

Other Features:

Multiple camera's, up to 8, which automatically switch from room to room, the switching time is controlled through the on-screen menu.

Manual swivel camera, rotates up/down and left/right

Three different power sources; A/C adapter, Computer USB port or 3.7V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, the batteries last 4-6 hours (adapters & batteries included with the system)

The Home Sentry digital baby video monitor has an on-screen menu display and digital clock with 5 alarms settings, ideal if you have a newborn infant that needs to be fed at regular times, set the alarms to wake you.

If you live in a highly populated area and privacy with no interference are high priorities on your list of essential features in a digital baby video monitor then the Home Sentry Interference Free 2 Camera Digital Baby Video Monitor with over 250 encrypted frequency hopping sequences is the ideal baby monitor for you.

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