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Direct to Consumer Specialists

Although we are able to provide services for retail distribution, Molding Box specializes in DIRECT TO CONSUMER BATCH FULFILLMENT. Since our focus is on the consumer in lieu of the retailer, you can rest assured that your customer’s order will not be deferred to accommodate a freight shipment to Wal-Mart. At Molding Box, we pride ourselves not only in our clients’ satisfaction, but also in YOUR customers’ satisfaction. We understand that the manner in which we handle your fulfillment is a direct reflection on your company, so it is our responsibility to assist you in making the best impression on your end user.

Batch Fulfillment – Why it works better

Batch fulfillment is the process by which all orders for one product are grouped and then shipped out at the same time. Concentrating on one product at a time allows for accuracy of shipments and the ability to have your product in transit to your customer in period of less than 24 hours. This allows us to effectively ship up to several thousand units per hour, direct to the consumer. We encourage all of our clients to stop by our warehouse for a tour to see this process in action.

Custom Print Solutions - Contact us for detailed

information on these custom solutions.Variable Printing: Personalize marketing materials with names and images that reflect the customers’ interests and needs. This is a powerful option for sales materials and direct mail pieces.

Web To Print: Catalog your marketing materials on a customized website that allows your employees or sales team to order materials with their unique information and pictures. This pain-free system allows your brand to stay consistent and eliminates undue stress on your marketing department. Click for demo site

PURLS: Use a customized Personalized URL, developed exclusively for you by our web team. We will print this PURL on your marketing materials which then directs your potential clients to personalized websites to gather pertinent information. This amazing technology generates warm leads and allows you to track your marketing dollars accurately.

Membership Cards: Take advantage of our 8.5” x 11” carrier sheets which hold plastic cards and are the perfect way to produce cost effective and customized membership cards. Print full color graphics and personalized information for each new member you receive.

Seminar and Coaching: Combine your disc(s) with the corresponding printed materials in a custom binder or box that reflects the proper image of your product and/or company. If you utilize our fulfillment services, we will ship the packaged product to your customer upon completion. Molding Box is truly a one-stop shop for seminar and coaching professionals.

Bands: Use a traditional jewel case or explore the
latest styles of disc wallets and high gloss
Digipaks. We offer the most modern in packaging options and disc carriers. Click for packaging templates

Business Opportunity: Use a traditional jewel case or explore the latest styles of disc wallets and high gloss Digipaks. We offer the most modern innovations in packaging options and disc carriers.

DVD & Movies: Plastic DVD cases are the most common, but we also have other great options such as booklet style carriers and unique fold out pieces. Stand out from the crowd.
Read more: http://www.digi-pak.org/

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