Differentiating Original Art from Reproduced Art

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Denying the appeal of art is like . . . well, denying your existence. Through the ages, every generation has enjoyed the power and entertainment of art, as it has been around since time immemorial. With so many different styles and types of art, there’s always something for everyone. Art continuously captures the hearts of people around the world and hooks them into a long life love. Art is at the heart of everything we see and feel in our daily lives and without it our world would be so dull and unattractive! It is not possible to imagine a world without the beauty of art.

If you are one of those people entrapped by the beauty of art and are looking to purchase a piece for your home or office, consider this: not all art is original art. What, you didn’t know that? There are many companies out there that take a popular piece and mass reproduce it to make more money. These pieces are usually referred to as “cookie cutter” or “motel art”. Most reproduced art can be found in motels and other similar places that purchase from the same companies.

It is something to keep in mind. If you are looking to buy art for any reason whatsoever, whether it is for personal satisfaction or for display and decoration in the office, you will need to be attentive in finding out if the art you want to purchase is original art, or reproduced. Original art is one hundred percent original; one-of-a-kind, painted once, never reproduced, and not found anywhere else. Oh, sweet satisfaction.

The value of original art increases over time and if kept for several years, you could have a small fortune on hand worth thousands, or more, especially if the piece was created by a popular or up and coming artist. So remember, buy art that’s original and it’ll ultimately pay for itself over time.

So, how can you tell original art from a reprint? A lot of novice art buyers believe that art they find on websites is original unless the word “reprint” is included in the description. Wrong. Some people lie about pieces being original art to try and gain more money. That’s why you must find reliable web resources that have a strict policy of only branding art as original, if it is in fact, truly original art. Resources with clear and specific information regarding their art is really the only way to go.

Buying art for the first time can be a little nerve wrecking, but as long as you are sure of the source you are buying from, you shouldn’t have anything to fear. Take advantage of those new artists (most of them do not have anything reproduced yet), and you can be sure the art you purchase is original.

Remember to always do extensive research before making an expensive purchase, unless of course you’d rather have a reprint. Spending some time in research will certainly save you lots of money in the end!

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