Different Types of Indian Call Center

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A call centre is an office where outbound calls are made & incoming calls are handled. These are usually large offices having representatives who either receive or make calls. Some call centers are involved in handling inbound calls, for example banks which provide toll free number to its customer for providing customer support. Others are involved in making calls for example company which undertakes surveys. And at times, there are call centers which provide both inbound & outbound services.

There are different types of call centers. They can be classified on the basis of function performed. The main 2 types of call centre services are inbound & outbound. The other two types are telemarketing call centers & Web Enabled Call Centers. In this write up we shall briefly discuss about each of them -

Inbound Call Centers: Inbound call centers involve handling incoming calls made by the customers. The same be related to seeking enquiries, placing order and providing customer support. Inbound call centers facilitates customer support on the basis of 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. The number of inbound call centers in India is increasing as many companies are providing support services to their customers on 24/7 basis for developing strong relationships with them.

Outbound Call Centers: Outbound call centers involve making calls to the customers with the purpose of selling or advertisement & promotion of the products and services. In these call centers employees make calls with the purpose of explaining the features of products & services & they attempt to make a sale. Outbound data centers may also carry out other functions involving collection of debt, market surveys, etc.

Web Enabled Call Centers: There is an increase in number of web enabled call centers. Web enabled call centers have centralized location which allows customers to have an access by using an internet call program or website button. The same also allows the customers to talk to representatives without making use of telephone.

Telemarketing Call Centers: Telemarketing call center involves marketing & advertising products & services over the phone. This is very beneficial as the clients can reach directly to the customers and this can also at times result in instant sales.

The number of call centers in India is increasing day by day. India is a hub of call centers as it offers many advantages in terms of manpower availability & cheap resources. India has huge English speaking population which attracts many global companies round the world. Also, the number of highly skilled graduates is increasing day by day. Another added advantage is the time zone factor. India is 12 hours ahead of USA timings. This enables the call centers to provide 24/7 service.

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