Different Types of Acne Treatments

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For some people acne is considered an adolescent right of passage. For other it follows them from puberty all the way into adult hood and can be quite distressing. This skin disease affects millions across the country and there are thousands of treatments for it. This article will examine what acne is and the different treatments that are available for it.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs as a result of the overproduction of oil by the oil glands of the skin. For acne to occur, the oil that your skin naturally produces becomes logged in oil ducts. As a result of this we will have the formation of whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. This is essentially what acne is and there are different levels of this condition. You may have pimples that contain pus, or blackheads, whiteheads and finally cysts that can have the skin looking broken.

There are different ways to treat acne, but some people use various natural products. One such product is Azelaic acid. This product is often used in many skin creams, lotions and gels. It is especially good at treating acne because of its efficiency at killing bacteria and also its anti-inflammatory properties. Azelaic acid is also a attacks bacterium that infects the pores and inhibits the production of keratin which can also lead to the break out of acne.

Another product that is good at treating acne is
Tretinoin. It is a Vitamin A derivative and it is very useful at getting rid of acne, whiteheads and blackheads. No one really knows how tretinoin works but the way it works on the skin is remarkable. It will unclog pores and also aide in the peeling of skin. The FDA has approved this product since 1971 for the treatment of this type of acne. It is available in a topical liquid, gel or cream. For this product it is best used everyday. If used properly, the individual should see some positive changes in the skin between six to eight weeks. One thing about the tretinoin treatment is the fact that acne will get worse, before it starts to clean up.

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