Different styles of simple and elegant updos

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It is a question mark in your mind, every time you set out on a special occasion like a wedding or party, about the kind of hair updo you need to choose. Especially if you have short hair, you would feel you have limitations about the kind of updos you can have. Well, short hair updos are simple but they look extremely elegant. When you decide on a prom dress or wedding dress, be sure that you have a hair updo that suits it.

Simple and elegant updos:
Most of us feel that short hairstyles look good on casual or informal dresses. Those with short hair worry about how they can style their hair differently, especially when they have to attend a formal gathering like a ball or may be a corporate event.
The truth is that having short hair is not the really a problem, when you go for a formal event or occasion. You can experiment by trying short hair updos. If fact, they can make you the belle of the ball. You need not have long hair to look suave and elegant at a party. Use a little imagination and some hair products like mousse or gel. With your short hair updos you can go to a prom, ball, wedding party or any other formal occasions that demand glamour and style.

You can even go to a professional hairstylist if you need help or you can just rely on your own imagination.
Some hair updos:
Try tying your hair in a short ponytail, just pile it up on the top of your head. Leave some strands or tendrils to make it look interesting and absolutely sexy. You can decorate the pony by tying it with a ribbon or tiara. You can make the hair updo even more interesting by curling your hair in small soft curls.
If you have short hair that is curly, you can use some hair mousse or gel and brush up the sides. This might be slightly difficult to manage because short and curly hair can be unruly. But, with the right kind of products like anti fizz and hairsprays, you create a sexy look with short and curly hair.
Women who have hair just above their shoulders, can try a half updo. This looks beautiful on women with straight hair. Pull some of your hair in front of your face. Tie the middle part above your ears with an elastic band. For the hair that has covered your face, brush it up on top of your head and use a hairspray to give it some volume and body.

When you have short hair and wavy or straight, you can use gel or mousse to form a short messy updo. Halle Beranry wears this updo at many red carpet events and award events.
You can try a funky and trendy look, you can try a modern updo by dividing your hair into three parts. Twist each part upward pin it on your head to form a trendy updo. This look that you create is very stylish ad edgy at the same time. You can have this hair updo not only at a formal occasion but also on casual events.
Keep these hair updos if you want to make an impression at a party, wedding and prom. Your presence will make a dazzling impression and you will be the cynosure of the crowd.

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