Different Software Used in Call Centers

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Companies know they can rely on call centers to help grow their business. Call centers offer a cheaper option to managing things within your own company. They use these call centers for a variety of different things such as handling inbound billing calls, ,managing technical issues, sales enquiries, etc. Customers today expect outstanding services and want 24 hour availability. That is what call center outsourcing is all about. Call centers open up 24 hour communication channels making your company there when your customers need you. The question on the call center side of the equation is how to create a system that is infallible and built on a platform where even the most inexperienced operators can seem like customer service experts. One small complication in a call center could result in the loss of business, which is the last thing any company wants. Call centers must have efficient software programs that will better serve the customer in a timely and professional manner. A better brand of call center software is what makes the different between a so-so answering service and a great contact center.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Software

All call centers want to use the best software for their business, but finding the best one is not always easy. Depending on the services call centers offer (or want to offer), the software requirements may vary. Many call centers do multiple tasks at once and they need a call center software that is going to keep up with them. While some call centers strictly answer phones, many others offer a variety of different services, meaning they need to find software that will cater to all of these needs. Experts efficiently design these software programs so they are capable of offering solutions to those important needs. Many call centers are now using VoIP to deal with their incoming and outgoing telephone calls. To make sure you are choosing the right software, make a list of your needs first and compare them to the bells & whistles of the available programs. Once you have compiled that list, make a list of the services you may want to implement in the future. Maybe you want your customers to be able to access their own data or maybe you want to make a live chat service available. Once you have compiled your wish list, see which software is in your first and second list and those will be your options.

Better Telemarketing Management Can Also Be a Factor

Many call centers work to sell the products of other companies, a service known as telemarketing. Call center employees make outbound telephone calls to generate sales leads. To optimize operator time, most outbound call centers use auto-dialing programs. These programs dial out from a list of programmed telephone numbers which and tie into the operator terminals to display call scripts. The dialing software will automatically dial one of these numbers and provide you with the appropriate information to handle the call. If telemarketing is a large aspect of your call center, make sure the software you choose has a robust auto dialing program with metrics that allow you to track employee performance.

Are You a Technical Support Call Center?

Other call centers that are more caught up with technical support need programs that will provide quick, understandable solutions to the customerís problems. If you label your call center as more of a help desk / technical support call center service, you will need flexible software with a readily programmable and easily assessable knowledgebase. In the best variation of this type of software, a call center employee will simply enter the description of the callerís issue and the solution will be available right in front of them to take the caller through the steps to problem resolution. Some help desk suites will also tie into the customers own ticketing system to make escalating calls easy. By having all of this information organized and easily available, these technical call centers are able to provide exceptional service. Again, if you are a tech support center, make sure you are taking a close look at the knowledgebase / FAQ / ticketing aspect of the prospective software.

Other Add On Modules That May Be Important

Call centers are even capable of setting up management programs such as payroll programs, attendance-tracking software, customer survey tracking programs, and other similar issues, which will help a business run much more smoothly. Call center software providers may also work call-recording programs into their software suite. Companies record calls for a variety of different reasons to help better their business. By using this program, you will be able to replay every call, assuring that all employees are providing the correct information in a polite, helpful manner. The aforementioned list is for more of a BHPO company but be sure to take a look at what service options are available.

There are a variety of software programs that help call centers serve their customers in the best way possible. Depending on your business and your companyís needs, specific off the shelf call center software may be right for you or you may need to have custom software built. It is important to find the most helpful software that will best benefit your company and all of your callers. Make a list of your current needs, your future needs, and make sure the software has a focus on what is the largest part of your call center outside of traditional answering service applications.

For more information about answering services and recommendations about best call center practices, please visit the Answering Service Review Blog. This is a great place to learn about how providing good customer service is what business is all about.

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