Different Recipes for Baked Macaroni and Cheese

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Baked macaroni cheese is one of the best dishes you can have that will give you so much energy. It is packed with many carbohydrates. Many people also enjoy this dish because it gives them a sense of comfort because it is full of cheese. There are many ways you can follow so you can make the best baked macaroni cheese recipe

1. The ingredients in making the best baked macaroni cheese recipe (home style) are one package of macaroni, two cups of milk, one egg, two tablespoons of butter, two and a half cups of cheddar cheese, pepper and salt.

Cooking Instructions:

a. The first step in making the best baked macaroni cheese recipe (home style) is filling the pot with some water and salt. Then cook your macaroni on it by following the cooking instructions of your package.
b. Beat the egg and mix the milk in a bowl. Add the cheese and the butter to the mixture then stir it altogether.
c. Put the macaroni on the dish for baking then put the cheese and egg mixture on it. Then add some pepper and salt. Mix it all together and press it so that all sides of the dish will have an even portion of the macaroni.

d. The last step is baking it for forty minutes until it becomes brown.

2. Best Baked Macaroni Cheese Recipe with Tomatoes - The ingredients for this recipe one pound of macaroni, one can of condensed soup of tomatoes, one and one fourth cups of milk, three cups of Cheddar cheese, eight tablespoons of butter and one fourth cup of bread crumbs.

Cooking Instructions:

a. You start this best baked macaroni cheese recipe by preheating the oven for one hundred seventy five degrees Celsius.
b. The next step is boiling water with salt and cooking the pasta for eight minutes until it becomes tender.
c. The third step is combining the macaroni, cheese, milk and butter altogether. Put it in the dish. Then top it off with the crumbs and the butter.
d. The last step is baking it for forty five minutes until bubbles appear and the color becomes brown.

Best baked macaroni cheese recipe with some eggs - The ingredients of this recipe are one and a half cups of elbow macaroni, six tablespoons of butter, one fourth cup of flour, one and a half teaspoons of salt, cayenne pepper, six eggs, eight ounces of Cheddar cheese and two cups of milk.

Cooking Instructions:

a. The first step is cooking the macaroni.
b. The next step is melting the butter in a pan and blending the pepper, slat and flour on it then mixing it all well.
c. The third step is adding the milk in a gradual manner then stirring it continuously until it becomes thick.
d. Take it out from the heat and then adding the cheese. Then whisk the yolks of the eggs until it becomes fluffy then incorporate it into the sauce.
e. Then mix the sauce to the macaroni. Then whisk the whites of the eggs and then incorporate it to the macaroni. Put it in a casserole and bake it for ten minutes at four hundred seventy five degrees Fahrenheit. Then after ten minutes lower the heat to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit then bake it for twenty five minutes more.

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