Diets are the Biggest Mistake when Trying to Lose Weight

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Currently 30 percent of the world's population is overweight. That is nearly 1 out of every 3 people! Now with so many weight loss programs, diets and exercise equipment in the world why does this number continue to grow? Unfortunately when most people want to lose weight they simply choose to go on a diet and this means restricting their eating habits heavily. Society and media promotions has lead us to believe that this is how you lose weight however as you will discover in this article this is far from the truth. Why else would the number of overweight people in the world continue to grow? The answer is that not everyone knows how to lose weight successfully.

While the simple term diet means the food that you consume in modern times a diet has taken the interpretation of a restricted easting plan. We all see the latest Hollywood or fad diet advertised in magazines or on TV and they seem to come and go like a fashion trend however they do not provide the results they promise. They rely on restricting the amount or type of food you consume and you are led to believe that by eating less you will weigh less. In actual fact this can often lead to a reverse effect, whereby the less you eat the more fat your body will store.

You have probably seen or heard of the most common types of these diets. The most readily available varieties limit either the amount of fat, carbohydrates, protein or other nutrients from you diet. They may even cut out food altogether and only use liquid meals or worse they may skip meals such as breakfast or dinner. Most of the time they severely restrict your food consumption and this should be avoided at all costs.

If you ever make the mistake of trying one of these diets you may notice that you lose weight in the short term. You may even think that your chosen fad diet is the next winner. However you should realise that your weight loss due to this form of restriction dieting is mainly due to water and muscle loss. This is really bad news as your muscles are your body's best weapon against fat loss and by losing water you fun the risk of dehydration.

When trying to lose weight you should try to get rid of everything your body does not need. And we definitely need water and our muscles to survive (and look sexy). Can you know see why these diets are bad news?

Your body is a vehicle for your soul and mind. If it breaks down it can get sick and weak and may suffer injury or disease. Nobody wants this to happen to them and to prevent this we need to keep our bodies working in peak performance. We need to achieve a healthy environment in our bodies to function normally and this requires a correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, nutrients, and vitamins and minerals. We also need to remain hydrated as water is required for correct body function and is necessary to achieve successful nutrient absorption.

By using these restricting diets to lose weight you are only depriving your body of these necessary nutrients and in a matter of days to weeks you will feel exhausted, tired and weak. Another problem with these restriction diets is that your body may enter starvation mode. This will actually cause your body to store more fat as it does not know when its next meal will be and it needs to be prepared for survival. Even if you cut fat out of your diet it will create and store fat from sugar, carbohydrates or any other food source.

So you see these restriction diets can not only cause your body to be malnourished and dehydrated leaving you without any energy, but you may increase your body fat as you enter starvation mode. This is why they are very big mistakes and should never be used to lose weight. You will place stress on your body by using these methods of weight loss and run the risk of lowering your water and muscle mass and increasing your fat mass. Is this what you really wanted?

The only successfully way to lose weight is by reducing your body fat. And this can only be achieved through proper nutrition, strategic exercise and sufficient rest.

Research has shown that an intense resistance training program performed for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 days can be very beneficial for burning fat. Also by spacing out your eating into 5 smaller meals per day instead of 2 or 3 large meals you will increase your metabolism. This will cause you to burn fat 24/7 and you body will store less fat as it knows that there is another meal around the corner. By finally getting the proper amount of rest and sleep that your body requires you will truly achieve successful fat and weight loss by improving your overall health and fitness level.

This article has been written by Greg Davids who is a health and fitness health enthusiast. He currently runs a website devoted to Losing Weight by using Fat Loss Programs. You can visit it for more weight loss and fat loss tips and guidance by clicking on the following link: Achieve Successful Weight Loss

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