Diet Tips - To Improve Your Vision?

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You must learn to eat right in order to improve your eye sight. These food tips will help you to repair your cell membranes in case they are damaged and retain your eye sight. With age it is common to lose your vision but if you eat right, you can gradually improve the way you look and feel. It is not only your eyes, but also your other body parts such as your skin, hair follicles etc. You can look gorgeous and better your mood swings with what you eat.

- Carotenoids
- Beta carotene
- Vitamin E
- Omega 3 fatty acids
- lutein and zeaxanthin
- B-vitamin niacin

Carrots are rich source of beta carotene and other vitamins which are good for eye sight and skin. It also serves as an antioxidant which lowers down the risk of cardiac arrest and other related problems too. People often complain about cataract and macular degeneration, this can be prevented if you consume a lot of carrots. Have them in the form of salads and consume them fresh and raw. Cooking will kill its essential nutrients, so avoid eating cooked carrots to make best use of it.

Green leafy vegetables and fruits: A combination of beta carotene, lutein, vitamin C, and large amounts of zeaxanthin is found only in few vegetables. Spinach is one such vegetable with all these ingredients essential for your eyes.

Nuts and grains: proteins, fatty acids, almonds contain Vitamin B, fatty acids and lecithin which are quite useful for your eyes. Whole grains deliver fibre, antioxidants, potential anti-cancer agents (insoluble fibre), cholesterol reducers, and clot blockers, plus essential minerals.

The rest of your plate should be balanced with whole grains, proteins, and dietary fats. Low-carb diets may help you lose weight, but they're not good for your brain. whole grains have complex carbohydrates that supply a steady flow of energy rather than the spike and crash of simple sugars, and they're necessary to transport amino acids such as tryptophan into the brain.

Fish such as sardines, mackerel, cod and tune are good source of Omega 3 and fatty acids. They have cod liver oil which is very helpful for eyes and heart. To improve your heart health and your eye sight, you must consume a lot of fish. Eat them regularly and you will see the difference. Doctors, usually suggest different varieties of fish to treat your dry eyes. Your diet must be balanced well in order improve your vision.

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