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Eating a healthy chronic fatigue syndrome diet is more easily said than done. One of the problems that accompany CFT is lack of appetite, you don't feel like touching the food and this happens on a daily basis. That's indeed a challenge!

Unhealthy food choices could be a problem for the lack of energy that you're facing. If you've been diagnosed with the chronic fatigue syndrome, it means that the cause of the condition is unknown. This means that, in order to resume a normal lifestyle, you have to do all the lifestyle changes required to boost up the energy level and allow the body to restore.

Skipping meals and eating imbalanced foods are a no-no. Refined carbohydrates (sugary treats) should be kept minimum or eliminated from a chronic fatigue syndrome diet.

Add an energy boosting supplement to your diet such as spirulina, ginseng root, green barley extract/juice or flax seeds. Each of these have their benefits and you can use them in parallel without any side effects; they are all natural and have no toxicity level whatsoever.

Honey is another must-have element in a chronic fatigue syndrome diet because it provides numerous nutrients responsible for the vitality of the body. You can replace sugar with honey for tea, coffee and any natural juice that you prepare.

Fruits and veggies are absolutely necessary in the fight against CFS. They represent the best source of vitamins and minerals that you can have, not to mention that they are very pleasant to eat, either in salads or as 'sweet' treats. Instead of candy why not have fresh raspberries or strawberries? You can create your diet according to personal preferences so that you actually like what you eat.

Talk to your doctor and check with a dietitian about the best options you've got to come up with a balanced diet to help you beat up the fatigue you fight with. Don't be afraid that eating will make you overweight: a chronic fatigue syndrome diet does not have to be rich in calories. It actually relies on quality nutrients that help the body compensate for the energy deficiencies that you're facing.

The general guideline that ought to be followed with a chronic fatigue syndrome diet is that all the food be as natural as possible. The more refined and processed food is, the worse for the body system. Keep this in mind the next time you go shopping at the supermarket!

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