Diet and Acne, Are They Related?

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For some of us we have always been wondering, does our acne have anything to do
with our diet? The answer is not always as clear as we like but for the most
part yes it is.

While keeping your hands clean and away from affected areas and maintaining a
routine to exfoliate and deep cleanse your pores will help, sometimes diet can
be the root of your problem. If you eat a diet high in oils or fats then you are
probably suffering from acne this very day. While it seems like our food is over
processed their are healthier options which provide us with part of what we like
and none of what we do not need. Most of the do not need is actually the stuff
that can cause acne in people who are sensitive to the amount of oil or fats
which they eat. If you are borderline for having acne your diet, exercise and
stress levels as well as just your genetic predisposition or even environment
can drastically determine how much or if any acne you will have.

Avoiding foods high in fat, salt, sugar, and oils will certainly lower your risk

rate amongst many other things against acne. Keeping a routine to fight acne
along with a healthier diet low in oils and fats is the best thing you can do.
If your still having severe issues and breakouts then it would be in your best
interest to see a dermatologist and seek their professional and qualified opinion.
They have a few items in their bags of tricks as well as tests which they can run
to see specifically what type of acne you have and what the absolute best way to
treat is it.

In summary, eat plenty of fruit and veg, cut out the processed foods and look
after the hygiene of your skin. If all of this fails then seek a professional.

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