Diamond Jewelry

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Diamond is the most precious stone that has dead magnetic attraction and shine. It is the dream jewelry for every female and piece of esteem for every male. There are various types of diamond having different color, shape, size and shine to choose from. However, it is pretty difficult to select your perfect piece of diamond but if you are clear with the four basic points concerning its quality then nothing seems as the barrier. The four quality determining key factors are: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat.

Color of a diamond has been ranked on a standard scale, which have grading system from D (colorless) to Z (brown). The whole grading lies in between White & Yellow. Colorless diamond is the most precious and expensive one while milky white or creamy color diamond is recommended to avoid. Always check or match the shades of the diamonds when you look for multi-stone jewelry.

Cut of a diamond is not easy to identify/check for a common man that can only be done by the experienced person or a jeweler. Usually, people get confused with the cut and shape of the diamond but both are different aspects. Cut defines the maximum transmission, absorption and emission of the light rays coming from the diamondís surface and strike directly into the eyes of the viewer. An excellent cut gives amazing and graceful radiance to the diamond.

Diamond is a natural stone, which physically has number of inclusions, flaws, bubbles, scratches, minerals and other impurities. These lackluster elements directly harm the quality and elegancy of the diamond. It can be identified just through naked eyes and ranked on a standard scale, which has grading system of F (Flawless), VVS (Very Very Slightly Included), VS (Very Slightly Included), SI (Slightly Included) and I (Included). Pure White Flawless diamond is the lavish/rich and expensive one while the diamond having clear Black flecks, cracks, feathering and chips are unpleasant and recommended to avoid.

Carat is the measuring unit of the diamond that defines the quality & quantity as well. On its standard scale 100points considered equal to 1carat, 25points & 50points equal to quarter & half carat respectively. If your diamond piece has more carat value than more precious it considered. Never forget to get the quality certificate of your diamond jewelry from your shopkeeper that gives you guarantee of the quality and purity of the diamond.

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